Shutting Out Ego with a Hair Cut

Learning to let go and seeing it as only hair.

Often while Zander was younger I would keep his hair very short and “proper”  You know, “well kept & tidy”

I’ve been learning to let go and let his hair be his own choice.  Such a learning curve about ego and authentic self, an inner battle that I no longer care to participate in.

Zander before

Just look at the smile after his hair cut was complete !

Zander after

Happy that my parenting journey teaches me to find joy in moments like these and to shut out my ego.

What’s your learning lesson in your parenting journey ?

For me in this moment ?

Pure and simple … It’s just hair and it will grow back.  My child’s happiness is far more important to me than putting my ego in the driver’s seat,  Here’s an audio where I make some confessions and share some great value to learn from.

Thanks for connecting and see you in the next post.  Appreciate  your time by leaving a comment below 🙂

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