Timing Today

Timing today this image explains my experience completely. 

Thank you Self Design for being there for my family and all the amazing resource reminders about how life is precious & magical ! 
Now I’m taking a moment to tend my girl and trusting the process that everything will take care of itself. 
I lay with her teething being, after watching the trickle of blood as the first year molars break the surface of her swollen hot gums. 
Does she cry, yes but just a soft whimper with arms stretch wide, ” mama pick me up ” her body signals to me. My milk glands tingle, the hormones flow in my body just the way nature intended. 
I drop my sewing project and pause a moment… This too can wait, as much as it’s something that will greatly benefit and ease care for her.
She’s needing me to stop but really I don’t want to, I want to finish what I started! I struggle in my mind for a second or

Two… Really wanting to have a hissy fit to get my way.  
In my breathe I remind myself baby’s need comfort and have no hidden secret agenda to shit on my progress… They need our help to soothe them to be their calm in the storm, this is when they learn their cycles of coping from now. 
Me having a hissy fit teaches her horrible coping skills, I can only control me 
In this powerful moment in my mind I feel the shift and aha deepens how important enjoying the calm is. 
In a whirlwind of soft chatter explain to my older boys the situation, that I need help and set them up with small manageable tasks to create the space needed for food prep. 
The sewing project is also apart of my nurturing myself yet with great adaption to my baby’s needs I write this post, another form of birthing & nurturing myself…. 
Today take time for you in the form that helps draw you closer to your babes for time moves on with or without your permission, your intentions or your purpose in mind, this is actions needed from the individual to come from you. 
Learning to share more about my story and my personal moments with you, knowing that this process I’m trusting will serve others and help them to slow down to enjoy all the goodness. 
#taketime #empoweryourself #mindchatter 

Here’s a great read that inspired this post today 

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