Message To My Younger Self

A message to my younger self here’s My thoughts and suggestions:

Just Be You cause you’re awesome ! 

Often just being yourself can feel like a huge defeated task, the pressures of “fitting in” and finding friends that think you’re cool ! 
#%&@ fitting in and trying to get in the “cool” group … “JUST BE YOU!” You already fit in and you’re super cool already !   You are amazing person, full of bright ideas and choices. 

Is what I’d say !

Think about it every single human being wants to belong and feel loved, it’s just a basic fact and apart of our nature.  We have a desire to commune and bond.  Yet not everyone will connect with you, so focus on the ones that you do feel a connection with.  Be confident that being a “people pleaser” will just burn you out and stop you from being your authentic self.  Accept that all people are on learning curves and some are meant to run parallel not perpendicular, meaning the paths travelled are different and won’t meet yours. 
Support yourself daily with positive self Talk and see your awesomeness ! 

Let’s face it what we think about, we being about and it becomes our experience.  

What would happen once everyone saw their personal beauty and greatness ?  

Seriously, stop and imagine … 

Take a look in the Mirror today and see the perfection in the reflection. Verbalize and write about what makes you awesome 🙂 

Until you get to the mirror use this picture as a mindset primer, list what’s amazing in your journal. 

See the beauty now while looking at this image, note the shape of the landscape, the colours & all the beauty

Come from a place a creation and creativity not from competition for will give you the confidence to just be yourself!  

I am on a mission to spread this movement by creating an awareness, thanks for sharing this blog post and helping others. 
Because you’re awesome, perfect, wholesome and complete
Make it your best day!

Rochelle McFarlane 

thanks for listening younger self 🙂

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