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Shutting Out Ego with a Hair Cut

Learning to let go and seeing it as only hair.

Often while Zander was younger I would keep his hair very short and “proper”  You know, “well kept & tidy”

I’ve been learning to let go and let his hair be his own choice.  Such a learning curve about ego and authentic self, an inner battle that I no longer care to participate in.

Zander before

Just look at the smile after his hair cut was complete !

Zander after

Happy that my parenting journey teaches me to find joy in moments like these and to shut out my ego.

What’s your learning lesson in your parenting journey ?

For me in this moment ?

Pure and simple … It’s just hair and it will grow back.  My child’s happiness is far more important to me than putting my ego in the driver’s seat,  Here’s an audio where I make some confessions and share some great value to learn from.

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What’s Stopping You? – Better Believers Blog

What’s Stopping You? – Better Believers Blog

When I hear about stories like this…

This add fuel to my fire to keep the mission that Image
I started Better Believers for ! 

To be able to share and inspire others with stories like this…
with a melting heart and a new wave of inspiration!

Just watch this video

I share this video that a friend of mine created!

He has had breakthroughs and is following Better Believers Blog
his passion to share his craft with the world.

I am sharing this video to help create an awareness of his talents and his message that he shares with this video.

The desire for this little girl that is featured in the video
has to learn and educated herself,
even it means using the street as her desk and
the outdoors her classroom!
Talk about not settling or stopping because
the lack of “new” paper to use,
she was resourceful to fulfill her desire to
practice her ABCs with finding recycled pieces….

Seeing this level of dedication shows me how powerful of a leader she is !
This is what leadership is at the bare principles the willingness to do what it takes to succeed!

How often do people cave at the first obstacle and give up to pursing their desires….Ask yourself, “What’s stopping you?”

TBetter Believers Blogake the moment and re-watch this video,
look at the her eyes and see her essence,
allow it to awaken within you all the passion
to succeed within your own life!

This what the Better Believers is about finding people like this to bring into the lime light of the world and
allow us to see that we are all one,
that we can choose to uplift others and truly make a difference!

I write this post with tears of joy in my eyes knowing that my children are able to learn
with freedom as this little girl does, except they are able to have many luxuries she is without.  Yet that doesn’t stop her!

What’s stopping you?

I know that my friend is creating a way to collect contributions to help her and
many other students like her to have the needed supplies to learn and gain a powerful education.  Better Believers Blog

Choose to be a Better Believer and join our movement of creating more love in this world!

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“What’s Stopping


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