Friday Froggy Fun 

Wishing you A Happy Friday with Froggy style !
Gosh I love moments like these and my son Zephyr does too!

Watch this video and see the love he has for these amazing little frogs.

There was a time when I would never touch a creature like this, not ever !

Now that I am a mother of four children, I have pushed past many things like this wee little frog, that used to strike fear into my very being.

Children need to explore and learn hands on… This is very important to me as a mother, for them to live with freedom to explore.

Today I chose to…

To stop and have some Froggy Fun !  To see the beauty in all creatures and moments.

This felt empowering to me to be a witness in my own life and see a great example how I’ve grown past my fears.

What fears have you out grown?

With how these little frogs have made their home in our yard over the years has been such a delight.  With their presence I have felt healing take place and confidence that the environment is able of healing itself, just like time can heal for us humans.

Enjoy your Friday by finding your own Froggy Fun ❤


Till next time leave a comment and let’s connect

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