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Creative Lego Play = Real Life Math 

Accepting that child’s play is really their form of “work” has been a concept that I realized over my parent journey. 

This was really apparent to me the other day when I challenged my children with a creative idea.  I was inspired by something I saw at a friends place years ago.   The item was a Lego chess set.  

As many people that know me, know that I love Lego and all that it offers.  Since our collection continues to grow, many duplicate characters  appear about the displays that are created.  It hit me suddenly that we could possibly have enough of specific characters to create 8 pawns, 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 bishops, a queen and a king with a theme to each side of the board. 

After a couple hours of sorting, searching and creating…. 

Drum roll please, this was manifested. 



Finding pieces to create the playing board
this is Star Wars vs Lego Movie
The first step was deciding the characters, finding them and making sure they had the correct components as Zephyr ( my 4 year old son, who has been playing with Lego since before 2, loves to re create and invent new guys ) 

Then followed by colour choice of the board and searching out the necessary pieces to make the board come to life.  This was great to observe and listen to how this was going to work.  They had to make sure there would be enough room for the characters to stand and that all spaces were accounted for so the board was functional for a true game of chess ! 

Here’s a couple of action snap shots during our game …  

Leia was the Queen and shes about to take out Emmet the pawn
The Queen kicking some butt!

Where did the math lesson take place you ask?

 Well first it was counting the spaces on the fabricated chess board, then dividing the sides into sections, sorting the Lego and creating the dimensions to know which Lego pieces we needed to make this board function properly.  Then the actual build itself and the playing of chess…. Counting spaces, making perdictions and a strategy. 

See how play now becomes work

Loved the mind exercise of remembering which Lego mini fig represented which chess piece and how it was to move about the board. 

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Queen Bee Sightings to Celebrate The First Day of Autumn 

Check out this quick video from today 

Today was the first day of Autumn, we celebrated by getting back to basics with queen bee sightings & connecting with nature. 

Enjoy this transition of light to dark as this amazing season allows us abundant harvests from the bounty earth provides.

Happy First Day of Autumn


The audio was on the quiet side out of respect for the bees 

Friday Froggy Fun 

Wishing you A Happy Friday with Froggy style !
Gosh I love moments like these and my son Zephyr does too!

Watch this video and see the love he has for these amazing little frogs.

There was a time when I would never touch a creature like this, not ever !

Now that I am a mother of four children, I have pushed past many things like this wee little frog, that used to strike fear into my very being.

Children need to explore and learn hands on… This is very important to me as a mother, for them to live with freedom to explore.

Today I chose to…

To stop and have some Froggy Fun !  To see the beauty in all creatures and moments.

This felt empowering to me to be a witness in my own life and see a great example how I’ve grown past my fears.

What fears have you out grown?

With how these little frogs have made their home in our yard over the years has been such a delight.  With their presence I have felt healing take place and confidence that the environment is able of healing itself, just like time can heal for us humans.

Enjoy your Friday by finding your own Froggy Fun ❤


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Shutting Out Ego with a Hair Cut

Learning to let go and seeing it as only hair.

Often while Zander was younger I would keep his hair very short and “proper”  You know, “well kept & tidy”

I’ve been learning to let go and let his hair be his own choice.  Such a learning curve about ego and authentic self, an inner battle that I no longer care to participate in.

Zander before

Just look at the smile after his hair cut was complete !

Zander after

Happy that my parenting journey teaches me to find joy in moments like these and to shut out my ego.

What’s your learning lesson in your parenting journey ?

For me in this moment ?

Pure and simple … It’s just hair and it will grow back.  My child’s happiness is far more important to me than putting my ego in the driver’s seat,  Here’s an audio where I make some confessions and share some great value to learn from.

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Peace Is Happening 


Times like this moment captured in the photo above, shows me that peace is happening on a global scale. 

Yes, truly it’s all a mindset and a choice that starts with ourselves.  

Through our thoughts we can create our experience and attract what we are thinking about with ease.  

As I continue to be a teacher and student in this life more examples appear in my everyday life. 

I offer a challenge for you to see how powerful you are, yes, now in this very moment. 

 What are you thinking about ?   

Is it peaceful ?  Is it what you want ? 

Watch this video for a great way to track your thoughts and to increase more peace among other things you’re desiring.

 Peace Is Happening

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Teachings From My Children

Teachings From My Children

It’s time to offer some confessions about how much I learn from my children… This post will be interesting as I am confronting areas of myself that I don’t really want to acknowledge or give much energy to within this blog space.  

Regardless I am learning to take these parts of me and embrace them, knowing that everyday in everywhere.  This has taken years of studying and understanding from my end, it wasn’t easy at first to take time out to reprogram my mind into believing that I was even a good person.  This was when I was younger and even into my adulthood, the old thought patterns and negative self talk causing me to second even third guessing myself and my worthiness. 

 Through my journey as a parent my children have taught me how to keep my thoughts about myself accountable and to be the best that I can be.  That making a point of working on myself is the only way I will become a better person. 

At first it was for their sake in being a solid role model for them and now it’s turned into just wanting it for myself so I can be bigger and better being able to set that example of what is possible!

 I now am looking at myself more like liquid and apouring the container aka the environment, placing myself in my world of inspiration and beauty.  Committing time to See the world as peaceful and abundant, more innocent and loving because of their purity. 

 It’s interesting to see how when you take time to listen, the great wisdom that can spill upon our ears from the mouths of babes.  Take last night as an example.  I was checking on a wart on my youngest son’s foot, “Gosh I hope this doesn’t get any bigger”  I was stopped in that line of thinking by my middle son, “What did you just say?  That was wrong mom!  Say that it’s healing and getting smaller!  You wait I am going to tell people that you were wrong!”  Now I could have replied in some many ways, yet really I felt like he was right.  Though there’s some old programming that wanted to tell him that he had to respect me and not talk to me like that, really he just called me out and wanted to me to be aware of how I improve my thoughts.  This created a pondering in my mind later on about how many times children are wanting to share what they have learned to help us see the lessons worthy learning in life and been labelled disrespectful or rude. 

There’s just so much that I want to share about these lessons and teachings from my babes, thinking, well typing aloud I will start this as an ongoing series. The reason being they have so many lessons to teach and many that I have already learned for they have been my best teachers this far! 

 They keep me true to my development and journey of self improvement. I just shared with a friend, ” some may hire life coaches to help guide them to a new level of success and I feel fortunate to be patient enough to listen to my children”

Feeling like I’ve rambled enough for the moment about lessons and teachings from children, it’s late and they are waiting for me to press publish so we can read another chapter of our current book.  Never thought I was any good at reading aloud until I started reading to my boys and now I love it 🙂

My intention is to inspire you to see the lessons available from all children ❤ 

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Till next time continue to be healthy and feel happy !


Balancing Marriage with Motherhood

Balancing Marriage with Motherhood

Tips to being super woman on the inside 🙂 after all it’s what’s in the inside that accounts most!  These are a few tips that come to my mind when balancing marriage with motherhood.

1.  Affirmations
Take moments throughout my day where affirmations are spoken out loud in the mirror with full eye contact.  There’s something magical that happens when you can look yourself straight in the eyes and say ” I am powerful, I am Healthy and strong ”  ” yes I can accomplish ________” fill in the blank to suit your needs.


Our words have amazing strength and energy, choose them wisely!  Keeping my self talk on a positive note, allows me to see that I am both a wonderful wife and magnificent mother.

There moments in a Mother’s Day where using affirmations can turn a harsh moment into a tolerable one and helps with the transfer between wife and mother.

2.  Mindset Training
On average I spent about an hour reading and listening to audios that feed my positive mental attitude.

How do I fit this in?

Upon waking I will listen to an 11 minute audio that I recorded with my phone, this helps me with my meditation and setting the intentions for my approaching day.  When it comes to reading, I just read aloud to my children while they play and again to myself after they are asleep.  I find that keeping this habit on a daily basis encourages easier transitions between wife and mother, gives me a foundation that I am good enough and filled with super “mife” powers!

3.  Delegate chores and play games with children to help instil good work ethics into the fiber of the being.  Let’s face it there will always be laundry and dishes, it’s a skill worth teaching.  Keeping in mind it takes time and patience to hone these skills, so sometimes the end results require a little be of extra guidance to observe the details.  The secret is being happy with what does get accomplished for the day, this is far more empowering and motivating  than tearing myself down for not getting the whole “list” completed !  Children grow faster, a pristine house will happen later in life !

4.  Communication is a must in both parenting and marriage !

At the dinner table we share “happy”, “sad” & ” “Favorite” moments of the day.
This habit keeps our family connected in effective communication on a daily basis and in check with how everyone is doing.  I find that being able to express effectively keeps both journeys of wife and mother manageable and fun!  There are times when I can freely express that I need a mommy time out or that there are more proactive ways of dealing with your emotions and feelings.  This communication habit alone has created a more peaceful household and less sibling rivalry.

Being open with my husband and being able to share my inner feelings, thoughts and ideas has created a strong bond between us over the last 12 years.  We have yet to have a “fight” because we take the time to connect, allowing us more time for laughs and good memories.  We are invested in the well being of each other, this a vow we took when finding out about Zane’s arrival.   That is a story to be shared another time.

5. Personal Time

Taking time to just be me helps the balancing between marriage and motherhood. Having time to just be quiet in the garden or writing posts, taking a hot bath alone or a laps in the pool, my early morning walking time also adds to the habit of keeping my attitude of gratitude alive and nourished !

Using these 5 simple tips keeps my marriage strong and my family growing forward, they make my balancing act between wife, mother and just being me.

In closing…My husband and I will have “meetings” on a regular basis to keep connected on a intimate level.  We chat about how this time in our lives requires much energy in raising our babes and how we want to do the best we can for them.  We have worked upon this attitude of gratitude, where we cherish the quick blissful moments as husband and wife knowing that in time we will have more space for being a husband and a wife.  Keeping our expectations low and learning at a high, keeps that growing forward attitude !

Parenting is the biggest challenge I’ve come to at this point in my life, it’s a path of personal growth and it pays to align yourself with others that support your growth!

Appreciate your kind words, follows, likes and shares !

Balancing between Marriage and Motherhood
Here’s an updated picture with my sons, Zander, Zane and Zephyr
Balancing between marriage and motherhood
My husband George with our oldest two sons enjoying some fun at a local adventure park

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Rochelle McFarlane 🙂


I am a life learning mother of three sons and a wife of 12 years. I have been working from home since 2004 and loving every minute of it!  I am here to help awaken the better believer within you!

A Lesson from my 11 year old Son~Rochelle McFarlane’s Better Believers Blog

A Lesson from my 11 year old Son
~Rochelle McFarlane’s
Better Believers Blog


Reflecting on a conversation I was having with my son while doing the dishes…gave me a lesson in self control!
Lessons repeat themselves until learned

Check out the audio I recorded where I share the story in greater detail

So often as parents, we can just write off what our children say thinking it holds no value or purpose.  Thinking that they don’t know enough or have enough life experience to teach us anything new!

Just listen to the audio and hear what I was being taught by my son.

Being a stay at home mom and choosing the path to “life learn” with my children I has given some many insights about life and the opportunity to grow myself in ways I never expected were possible!

Especially when it comes to increasing my self control and seeing how I can improve upon it.

My socks are blown off regularly and now I understand that my theories of “play attention” with my children are paying off!

Many times we are found in deep conversation about mindset and how powerful our thoughts are, this lesson that I was given shows me that all the hours invested are paying off ten fold!

I share this moment to inspire and help other parents see the value in personal develop measures with our children.  Taking time to read content about self improvement and gaining clarity on how to build upon our strengths is powerful!  The lesson from my son on self control truly opens my eyes to the possibility to my children being my best teachers in life and that I have grown into a mother that can listen with open ears to what is being taught to me from all my children.

Appreciate your positive comments and reading about your moments of learning with your children!

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Here’s a video that I captured of my youngest son…
talk about self control!

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