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Timing Today

Timing today this image explains my experience completely. 

Thank you Self Design for being there for my family and all the amazing resource reminders about how life is precious & magical ! 
Now I’m taking a moment to tend my girl and trusting the process that everything will take care of itself. 
I lay with her teething being, after watching the trickle of blood as the first year molars break the surface of her swollen hot gums. 
Does she cry, yes but just a soft whimper with arms stretch wide, ” mama pick me up ” her body signals to me. My milk glands tingle, the hormones flow in my body just the way nature intended. 
I drop my sewing project and pause a moment… This too can wait, as much as it’s something that will greatly benefit and ease care for her.
She’s needing me to stop but really I don’t want to, I want to finish what I started! I struggle in my mind for a second or

Two… Really wanting to have a hissy fit to get my way.  
In my breathe I remind myself baby’s need comfort and have no hidden secret agenda to shit on my progress… They need our help to soothe them to be their calm in the storm, this is when they learn their cycles of coping from now. 
Me having a hissy fit teaches her horrible coping skills, I can only control me 
In this powerful moment in my mind I feel the shift and aha deepens how important enjoying the calm is. 
In a whirlwind of soft chatter explain to my older boys the situation, that I need help and set them up with small manageable tasks to create the space needed for food prep. 
The sewing project is also apart of my nurturing myself yet with great adaption to my baby’s needs I write this post, another form of birthing & nurturing myself…. 
Today take time for you in the form that helps draw you closer to your babes for time moves on with or without your permission, your intentions or your purpose in mind, this is actions needed from the individual to come from you. 
Learning to share more about my story and my personal moments with you, knowing that this process I’m trusting will serve others and help them to slow down to enjoy all the goodness. 
#taketime #empoweryourself #mindchatter 

Here’s a great read that inspired this post today 

Everything is Connected 


Since I made the commitment to home school my children I have paid far more attention to the world they are growing up in and acquired many facts about the cycles that are constantly happening. 
Did you know that wolf population is important ? 

Until recently I could have cared less about them until our learning consultant sent us a link for a YouTube video that shared a story about how wolves restored the river banks in Yellow Stone National Park. 

In my mind I saw wolves building up the river banks with wood ties and pick axes in hand, ( here’s the image in my mind, thanks to minecraft… I play a lot with my boys )  shaking my head in a comic relief and disbelief I watched the video with an attempt at an open mind. 
After viewing the short documentary my whole world transformed. The gist of it goes like this, like any cycle in a micro environment loose a link to the chain and it dismantles at a rate that’s unforgettable.  

Since the wolves were reintroduced to the national park they helped with the over run population of rabbits and squirrels, who depleted the seeds, berries. The furry little cute animals had eaten more than the share nature had intended, the outcome was a lack of food for birds which drove away their flocks.  
The deer population grew out of hand causing many of the trees and shrubs to decreasing again causing harm to the birds, leaving them with fewer places to call home. Less berries for the bears… Animals will forge and move onto to where they will find food. 

 Nature is amazing! 

This has shed more light to how life happens in cycles and that it is all connected. 

We as human beings can learn from this story and choose to be empowered. 

Let’s live connected on a daily basis and restore, rebuild as one. 

I get happy to see comments, thanks for leaving one about how you feel After watching and reading ❤ 

Message To My Younger Self

A message to my younger self here’s My thoughts and suggestions:

Just Be You cause you’re awesome ! 

Often just being yourself can feel like a huge defeated task, the pressures of “fitting in” and finding friends that think you’re cool ! 
#%&@ fitting in and trying to get in the “cool” group … “JUST BE YOU!” You already fit in and you’re super cool already !   You are amazing person, full of bright ideas and choices. 

Is what I’d say !

Think about it every single human being wants to belong and feel loved, it’s just a basic fact and apart of our nature.  We have a desire to commune and bond.  Yet not everyone will connect with you, so focus on the ones that you do feel a connection with.  Be confident that being a “people pleaser” will just burn you out and stop you from being your authentic self.  Accept that all people are on learning curves and some are meant to run parallel not perpendicular, meaning the paths travelled are different and won’t meet yours. 
Support yourself daily with positive self Talk and see your awesomeness ! 

Let’s face it what we think about, we being about and it becomes our experience.  

What would happen once everyone saw their personal beauty and greatness ?  

Seriously, stop and imagine … 

Take a look in the Mirror today and see the perfection in the reflection. Verbalize and write about what makes you awesome 🙂 

Until you get to the mirror use this picture as a mindset primer, list what’s amazing in your journal. 

See the beauty now while looking at this image, note the shape of the landscape, the colours & all the beauty

Come from a place a creation and creativity not from competition for will give you the confidence to just be yourself!  

I am on a mission to spread this movement by creating an awareness, thanks for sharing this blog post and helping others. 
Because you’re awesome, perfect, wholesome and complete
Make it your best day!

Rochelle McFarlane 

thanks for listening younger self 🙂

Creative Lego Play = Real Life Math 

Accepting that child’s play is really their form of “work” has been a concept that I realized over my parent journey. 

This was really apparent to me the other day when I challenged my children with a creative idea.  I was inspired by something I saw at a friends place years ago.   The item was a Lego chess set.  

As many people that know me, know that I love Lego and all that it offers.  Since our collection continues to grow, many duplicate characters  appear about the displays that are created.  It hit me suddenly that we could possibly have enough of specific characters to create 8 pawns, 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 bishops, a queen and a king with a theme to each side of the board. 

After a couple hours of sorting, searching and creating…. 

Drum roll please, this was manifested. 



Finding pieces to create the playing board
this is Star Wars vs Lego Movie
The first step was deciding the characters, finding them and making sure they had the correct components as Zephyr ( my 4 year old son, who has been playing with Lego since before 2, loves to re create and invent new guys ) 

Then followed by colour choice of the board and searching out the necessary pieces to make the board come to life.  This was great to observe and listen to how this was going to work.  They had to make sure there would be enough room for the characters to stand and that all spaces were accounted for so the board was functional for a true game of chess ! 

Here’s a couple of action snap shots during our game …  

Leia was the Queen and shes about to take out Emmet the pawn
The Queen kicking some butt!

Where did the math lesson take place you ask?

 Well first it was counting the spaces on the fabricated chess board, then dividing the sides into sections, sorting the Lego and creating the dimensions to know which Lego pieces we needed to make this board function properly.  Then the actual build itself and the playing of chess…. Counting spaces, making perdictions and a strategy. 

See how play now becomes work

Loved the mind exercise of remembering which Lego mini fig represented which chess piece and how it was to move about the board. 

Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a kind comment about your thoughts on creative play=real life math ❤ 

Queen Bee Sightings to Celebrate The First Day of Autumn 

Check out this quick video from today 

Today was the first day of Autumn, we celebrated by getting back to basics with queen bee sightings & connecting with nature. 

Enjoy this transition of light to dark as this amazing season allows us abundant harvests from the bounty earth provides.

Happy First Day of Autumn


The audio was on the quiet side out of respect for the bees 

Being a Woman in Business 

Being a woman in business has a lot of meaning to me …. 

Watch this video I created for you in the moment …
Being in business for myself for the last 12 years shown me what I am truly capable of.  It excites me to continue this journey and push myself further past my comfort zones, that was once territory yet walked. 

Creating my day my way is important to me and being in business for myself allows me the freedom to continue as such. 

It’s given me the opportunity to grow as a mother, woman and unveil the best me.  This inspires me to connect with other women in business and collect more stories of success. 

Are you a woman in business ? 

What have you learned ? 

Reaching out via this post and looking forward to meeting you!

❤ Rochelle 

Sharing My Why… 

It’s a powerful feeling to get united with your Why, it’s finding your major definite purpose.

In today’s video I share from my heart why I’ve taken on this #21dayvideochallenge.

Watch and leave a comment ❤

What are your fears ?  What are they stopping you  from accomplishing ?

Today marks a day where action is my only way out and I offer this as inspiration, support and love for you.

Goals are important to have and one of my goals to is accomplish a daily video that delivers value to my viewers.

Thank you in advance for your polite comments, shares and likes.

Make it a great day,



I’m down 20lbs since having my daughter ❤

Who Am I ? 

Who Am I ? 

Such a loaded question yet I put myself on the spot to make this personal video for you tonight. 

After recording it I realized that I am so many things and so much more than what I shared. 

Creating this video and blog post helps me to reflect upon the answer to this question. 

Adding to my answer and knowing that it will always evolve for I grow myself daily by self educating with good audios and books, I am a woman who takes time to self reflect and do my best on daily basis.  I love being a creator of affirmations and maintaining a positive can do attitude in all situations while putting the law of attraction to work in my favor. 

Yes, I have worked from home now for 12 years and ever grateful that I made that choice as I will never be able to gain the time back with my children.  This is important to me, to invest as much time in my children and do my very best to raise them to be loving people that contribute in a positive manner.  Find their passion and allow their soul to guide them. 

Who Am I ? 

A confident self healer, Reader, an Active baby wearing mama of 4 children who wants to encourage breastfeeding and life learning. 

A woman who loves life and want to inspire other to find their passion ❤ 

Thanks for your kind comments and shares ❤ 

Zander’s Conservation Thoughts on Frogs 

 Straight up goodness from my 9 year old.  I share this with you to inspire and to encourage him to keep sharing his words of  insight and wisdom.   He’s confident in making this world the best he can! 

Zander’s story

Something I did this past Summer was help my family set up an above ground pool. We swam in the pool and found some friends. These new family friends were little tree frogs. They would hide along the folds of the pool on the outside and even sometimes join us in the water for a quick dip. 

I think these frogs choose to live us because we had safe water for them that had very little chlorine in it and our yard is nice and pure.   Meaning we only use natural fertilizers like compost and chicken manure to help our plants grow.  We leave the bugs alone and don’t use any toxic chemicals. 

I love the frogs help me conserve homes for them 

Thanks for reading and helping Zander share about our wild pet frogs ❤ 

The Contortionists of Mongolia

By Christine Schindler Alongside some of the world’s strangest preserved traditions – such as Mongolian wrestling, bareback horse riding, and throat singing – is contortion. A dance or a feat of flexibility, contortion is the art of stretching and bending the body into unusual and various shapes, lines and positions. Influenced by ancient Buddhist animal […]