Everything is Connected 


Since I made the commitment to home school my children I have paid far more attention to the world they are growing up in and acquired many facts about the cycles that are constantly happening. 
Did you know that wolf population is important ? 

Until recently I could have cared less about them until our learning consultant sent us a link for a YouTube video that shared a story about how wolves restored the river banks in Yellow Stone National Park. 

In my mind I saw wolves building up the river banks with wood ties and pick axes in hand, ( here’s the image in my mind, thanks to minecraft… I play a lot with my boys )  shaking my head in a comic relief and disbelief I watched the video with an attempt at an open mind. 
After viewing the short documentary my whole world transformed. The gist of it goes like this, like any cycle in a micro environment loose a link to the chain and it dismantles at a rate that’s unforgettable.  

Since the wolves were reintroduced to the national park they helped with the over run population of rabbits and squirrels, who depleted the seeds, berries. The furry little cute animals had eaten more than the share nature had intended, the outcome was a lack of food for birds which drove away their flocks.  
The deer population grew out of hand causing many of the trees and shrubs to decreasing again causing harm to the birds, leaving them with fewer places to call home. Less berries for the bears… Animals will forge and move onto to where they will find food. 

 Nature is amazing! 

This has shed more light to how life happens in cycles and that it is all connected. 

We as human beings can learn from this story and choose to be empowered. 

Let’s live connected on a daily basis and restore, rebuild as one. 

I get happy to see comments, thanks for leaving one about how you feel After watching and reading ❤ 

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