Teachings From My Children

Teachings From My Children

It’s time to offer some confessions about how much I learn from my children… This post will be interesting as I am confronting areas of myself that I don’t really want to acknowledge or give much energy to within this blog space.  

Regardless I am learning to take these parts of me and embrace them, knowing that everyday in everywhere.  This has taken years of studying and understanding from my end, it wasn’t easy at first to take time out to reprogram my mind into believing that I was even a good person.  This was when I was younger and even into my adulthood, the old thought patterns and negative self talk causing me to second even third guessing myself and my worthiness. 

 Through my journey as a parent my children have taught me how to keep my thoughts about myself accountable and to be the best that I can be.  That making a point of working on myself is the only way I will become a better person. 

At first it was for their sake in being a solid role model for them and now it’s turned into just wanting it for myself so I can be bigger and better being able to set that example of what is possible!

 I now am looking at myself more like liquid and apouring the container aka the environment, placing myself in my world of inspiration and beauty.  Committing time to See the world as peaceful and abundant, more innocent and loving because of their purity. 

 It’s interesting to see how when you take time to listen, the great wisdom that can spill upon our ears from the mouths of babes.  Take last night as an example.  I was checking on a wart on my youngest son’s foot, “Gosh I hope this doesn’t get any bigger”  I was stopped in that line of thinking by my middle son, “What did you just say?  That was wrong mom!  Say that it’s healing and getting smaller!  You wait I am going to tell people that you were wrong!”  Now I could have replied in some many ways, yet really I felt like he was right.  Though there’s some old programming that wanted to tell him that he had to respect me and not talk to me like that, really he just called me out and wanted to me to be aware of how I improve my thoughts.  This created a pondering in my mind later on about how many times children are wanting to share what they have learned to help us see the lessons worthy learning in life and been labelled disrespectful or rude. 

There’s just so much that I want to share about these lessons and teachings from my babes, thinking, well typing aloud I will start this as an ongoing series. The reason being they have so many lessons to teach and many that I have already learned for they have been my best teachers this far! 

 They keep me true to my development and journey of self improvement. I just shared with a friend, ” some may hire life coaches to help guide them to a new level of success and I feel fortunate to be patient enough to listen to my children”

Feeling like I’ve rambled enough for the moment about lessons and teachings from children, it’s late and they are waiting for me to press publish so we can read another chapter of our current book.  Never thought I was any good at reading aloud until I started reading to my boys and now I love it 🙂

My intention is to inspire you to see the lessons available from all children ❤ 

Thanks for leaving a kind comment and subscribing to my blog. 

Till next time continue to be healthy and feel happy !


2 thoughts on “Teachings From My Children”

  1. I love this. Thank you for bring this to our attention, such a great reminder that children are our greatest teachers. Just watch them!! And yes listen to them while taming the ego. Xx

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