How Being Forgetful Can Be a Good Thing

How Being Forgetful Can Be a Good Thing

It sounds just wrong and weird to suggest that forgetting something is a good thing…usually there is a strive to remember thing more efficiently!

Just bear with me for a moment as I share what I was learning with Wallace D Wattles in the book The Science of Success.

The best time to put to use the art of forgetting is best when it comes to your past errors and failures.  Now learning from them is great so they don’t repeat themselves into your life experience again.  After all doing the same thing over and over again is the definition of insanity.  Back to this theory of the art of forgetting, let’s face it focusing and dwelling your past errors and failures will just manifest more into your life experience and who’s wants that?  Do you ?  I didn’t think so!  I am on a mission to help support others in achieving more in life by offering you audios like this.  Please just click the link here and listen into what we were covering today… you will hear more about when being forgetting can be a good thing.

At the right hand side are more audios for your listening enjoyment and support in your life learning.

Appreciate your kind comments below and sharing with others, you could brighten their day just by sharing this quick Better Believers Tip ūüôā

Till next time continue to be Healthy and Happy

Rochelle-George McFarlane

Rochelle McFarlane

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