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Who Am I ? 

Who Am I ? 

Such a loaded question yet I put myself on the spot to make this personal video for you tonight. 

After recording it I realized that I am so many things and so much more than what I shared. 

Creating this video and blog post helps me to reflect upon the answer to this question. 

Adding to my answer and knowing that it will always evolve for I grow myself daily by self educating with good audios and books, I am a woman who takes time to self reflect and do my best on daily basis.  I love being a creator of affirmations and maintaining a positive can do attitude in all situations while putting the law of attraction to work in my favor. 

Yes, I have worked from home now for 12 years and ever grateful that I made that choice as I will never be able to gain the time back with my children.  This is important to me, to invest as much time in my children and do my very best to raise them to be loving people that contribute in a positive manner.  Find their passion and allow their soul to guide them. 

Who Am I ? 

A confident self healer, Reader, an Active baby wearing mama of 4 children who wants to encourage breastfeeding and life learning. 

A woman who loves life and want to inspire other to find their passion ❤ 

Thanks for your kind comments and shares ❤