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Peace Is Happening 


Times like this moment captured in the photo above, shows me that peace is happening on a global scale. 

Yes, truly it’s all a mindset and a choice that starts with ourselves.  

Through our thoughts we can create our experience and attract what we are thinking about with ease.  

As I continue to be a teacher and student in this life more examples appear in my everyday life. 

I offer a challenge for you to see how powerful you are, yes, now in this very moment. 

 What are you thinking about ?   

Is it peaceful ?  Is it what you want ? 

Watch this video for a great way to track your thoughts and to increase more peace among other things you’re desiring.

 Peace Is Happening


In the meantime leave a comment and share how you are experiencing peace happening now 


Make it a Great Day

Your Friend,

Rochelle McFarlane