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Queen Bee Sightings to Celebrate The First Day of Autumn 

Check out this quick video from today 

Today was the first day of Autumn, we celebrated by getting back to basics with queen bee sightings & connecting with nature. 

Enjoy this transition of light to dark as this amazing season allows us abundant harvests from the bounty earth provides.

Happy First Day of Autumn


The audio was on the quiet side out of respect for the bees 

A Lesson from my 11 year old Son~Rochelle McFarlane’s Better Believers Blog

A Lesson from my 11 year old Son
~Rochelle McFarlane’s
Better Believers Blog


Reflecting on a conversation I was having with my son while doing the dishes…gave me a lesson in self control!

Lessons repeat themselves until learned

Check out the audio I recorded where I share the story in greater detail

So often as parents, we can just write off what our children say thinking it holds no value or purpose.  Thinking that they don’t know enough or have enough life experience to teach us anything new!

Just listen to the audio and hear what I was being taught by my son.

Being a stay at home mom and choosing the path to “life learn” with my children I has given some many insights about life and the opportunity to grow myself in ways I never expected were possible!

Especially when it comes to increasing my self control and seeing how I can improve upon it.

My socks are blown off regularly and now I understand that my theories of “play attention” with my children are paying off!

Many times we are found in deep conversation about mindset and how powerful our thoughts are, this lesson that I was given shows me that all the hours invested are paying off ten fold!

I share this moment to inspire and help other parents see the value in personal develop measures with our children.  Taking time to read content about self improvement and gaining clarity on how to build upon our strengths is powerful!  The lesson from my son on self control truly opens my eyes to the possibility to my children being my best teachers in life and that I have grown into a mother that can listen with open ears to what is being taught to me from all my children.

Appreciate your positive comments and reading about your moments of learning with your children!

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Here’s a video that I captured of my youngest son…
talk about self control!

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Rochelle McFarlane's Better Believers Blog

Self Design Review Part 3 – Better Believers Blog

Self Design Review Part 3 – Better Believers Blog

self design review part 3
Self Design Review Part 3
Being with Self Design for the past 2 years has given me the opportunity to learn along side my children while keeping my family values at the top of my list when it comes to daily learning moments. Here’s one of our favorite family quotes we use as a reminder of what is important!


Self Design helps me to understand that my children’s education
is more than just information and how well they read, write & add numbers!
Education is about loving to learn and learning to love more on a daily basis.  When there is love and passion for learning the world
is their oyster, they are the pearl of wisdom!
Children require life skills and an understanding about that life is meant to be lived.

I was having a conversation with a fellow parent at the ball field last week...

Here I will share with you what was spoken during our interaction.

“That too often as children our imagination and confidence gets trampled so that we just become
accustomed to being told how to think, what to think and how we should accomplish tasks.
It’s no wonder that so many 40 and 50 year olds, don’t understand who they are, what they like and
what they get excited about!  Society requires change that something has to transform and it’s happening,
first there has to be a focus on life skills and effective communication ”

I was met with pondering eyes and a reply,
“totally there is something wrong with children having to be forced into
subject matter that holds no interest and
it’s no wonder why there are so many challenges for the teachers!
How do you teach large groups and capture everyone’s interest?
This public system is set for everyone to fail, really when you think about it!”


I love that I have the support from Self Design
to have a connection with my children’s learning on a deeper level of life!

I actually read books on personal development to my boys because it’s a foundation of being they require and
any others subjects that are of interest they can pick up as they grow their abilities in reading.

Having confidence and self esteem is far more important to have first because with these traits intact anything is possible!

Self Design gives me the support to and promotes the stability of child developing in this precious years.
 Knowing what you like, what you are passionate about, what brings you joy and having a sense of “Who Am I”

Granted these can change over time yet I have met more adults seeking out who they are compared to children.

Most children, the younger ones know what they want, how they like it and their desires…..

Ask a younger child and they will pour out from the heart answers with clarity and desire!

This is purely my opinion and I am fortunate to have found Self Design, this has been part 3 in Self Design Series.
My intention is to share my experience and my thoughts, may it spur positive changes for children to be
given more opportunities to succeed in life with more confidence, imagination and desire to learn!

self design review part 3
Self Design Review Part 3
Zander loves to use his imagination and create stories as he builds with lego. Here he’s science lab that produces robots to help people have more freedom to have fun in life!
self design review part 3
Self Design Review Part 3
We spend lots of times like this…playing together, fun for all ages at the park! Here my boys are venturing off into the mountains in this all terrain vehicle in search of animals to observe!


















Here is the link to Self Design for further information

Check here for some great posts from others in the Self Design Community


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Self Design -Review Part 2-

Self Design -Review Part 2-

Image Image

When I started my journey in homeschooling I basically was doing public school work at home,
feeling challenged with what I was being told that my children should be learning!
Being told constantly that what I wanted to count as “learning” was just considered family moments and
traditions, not “qualified” learning.
Also that they were “behind” according to the standards of what the ministry guidelines set out.

This what has inspired me to start creating this review series!
To help others see the benefits of life learning and how Self Design can be a solution!

Self Design has given me a platform to turn over a new leaf of understanding
and the support of my own understanding of what learning is to our family.

Here are some quick insights of what I wanted to “count” as valid learning that my previous system I was registered with discounted.

  • Fall Fair ( my children use this as a final and display they projects from the past year, giving them a chance to win prizes and money)  I use this for several reasons gives them a deadline to work with and an opportunity to engage in a community event that has been going for 93 years.  They use their imagination and apply themselves to working towards accomplishing a goal.
  • Growing a garden
  • Baking and cooking
  • field trips to community resources
  • map reading during trips
  • movie and book comparisons
  • reading chapter books outside of the given curriculum or past “their level” of reading capacity

This is just one part that I was told held no track-able “learning” and was applicable to their school work for the year.

I laughed after getting off the phone with their teacher and I will tell you why!

Creating a scope of workable plans to complete their projects in itself is time management, goal setting, communication, project planning and collecting of items to fulfill such items. 

 Here is a list of subjects that gets covered from their participation



  • various forms especially with the count down and tracking the amount of time left until their deadline
  • Baking measuring out ingredients accurately Image
  • Timing again for baking such items and counting out the correct amounts for each category
  • sorting out collections
  • knitting, sewing and crocheting
  • following plans when constructing sets and inventions
  • counting their winnings
  • searching out the categories where they can find top prizes amounts
  • watering amounts and dirt, compost
  • growing garden items, having to start seeds in time
  • set money goal amount and figure out how many entries to create


  • experiments
  • nature art
  • baking ( chemical reactions and state transformations )
  • mixing of colors for paintings, art type entries
  • using different textiles and glues, finding which ones work best
  • composting health for best garden growth


  • reading instructions
  • finding the correct label for each entry
  • reading the program from the fair and seeing which categories they can enter or have an interest to compete in
  • Understanding about doing their best and learning that sometimes even your best can be improved
  • finding the materials required for their entries, shop clerks, librarian, specialists in specific areas of their project
  • reading books for ideas
  • finding ideas from the internet
  • researching recipes and entries to reflect the theme of the Fall Fair
  • conveying their ideas
  • having conversations and explaining what they want to create
  • When entering their items, there’s conversations that take place
    sharing info from both parties exchanging details and once the judging is done.
    In order to collect their prize money they will have to find the section head.
  • writing poetry, stories and entry tags


Now with the support of Self Design Platform our family can count this as valid learning!

I am relieved to “count” this all as learning because it is learning!

It’s teaching my children to set goals, understand the power of working with deadlines,
increasing imagination and creativity.
All of these are true life skills that can be applied in any form of work and future projects that will last a lifetime!

I am excited to share this video with you,
comment, share and like so that others will benefit from the value too!

Appreciate you reading my blog, sharing and commenting…spread the love!

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Self Design -Review Part 1-

Self Design -Review Part 1-

There is just so much to share about Self Design that I decided to break it up into sections,
here’s Review Part 1-

Since this is the first, I will share this quick video I just watched! 

When I first chose to home school I had no idea that Self Design existed,
gosh am I ever grateful that it crossed my path. 

Parenting is one of the best ways to grow yourself, always giving parents an opportunity to see what they don’t know! 

This program that my children are enrolled in called Self Design has offer me an opportunity to understand first hand the importance of life learning.  Allowing the student to follow their innate nature and curiosity. 

Applying my past experience of a workbook style sit down type of “school work”

Sure life is full of things we have no interest and see value in, yet the more that I learn along side of my children… I am disbanning this belief! 
Life is full of amazing opportunities and experience when your mind is tuned to such a “channel”

Self Design has given my family an increased vision of what learning can be and what possibilities are available in ways of support.

Here is the official website for Self Design for those that are wanting to connect with this program.   www.selfdesign.org

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