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Sharing My Why… 

It’s a powerful feeling to get united with your Why, it’s finding your major definite purpose.

In today’s video I share from my heart why I’ve taken on this #21dayvideochallenge.

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What are your fears ?  What are they stopping you  from accomplishing ?

Today marks a day where action is my only way out and I offer this as inspiration, support and love for you.

Goals are important to have and one of my goals to is accomplish a daily video that delivers value to my viewers.

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I’m down 20lbs since having my daughter ❤

How Being Forgetful Can Be a Good Thing

How Being Forgetful Can Be a Good Thing

It sounds just wrong and weird to suggest that forgetting something is a good thing…usually there is a strive to remember thing more efficiently!

Just bear with me for a moment as I share what I was learning with Wallace D Wattles in the book The Science of Success.

The best time to put to use the art of forgetting is best when it comes to your past errors and failures.  Now learning from them is great so they don’t repeat themselves into your life experience again.  After all doing the same thing over and over again is the definition of insanity.  Back to this theory of the art of forgetting, let’s face it focusing and dwelling your past errors and failures will just manifest more into your life experience and who’s wants that?  Do you ?  I didn’t think so!  I am on a mission to help support others in achieving more in life by offering you audios like this.  Please just click the link here and listen into what we were covering today… you will hear more about when being forgetting can be a good thing.

At the right hand side are more audios for your listening enjoyment and support in your life learning.

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Rochelle-George McFarlane

Rochelle McFarlane

Offense vs Defense

Offense vs Defense

A video message for your watching pleasure about the importance of Offense vs Defense


Remember when selling yourself, business, services and products find ways to put yourself on the offensive side of the conversation instead being on the defensive side!  This will show that you have self control, setting yourself in a different section than your competition.  Your future clients and team mates will see that you are a joy to be around.  When you are in a position of “offense” your brain and imagination will work together in harmony finding ways to serve by offering solutions to challenges rather than creating them.
Think of it as negative and positive, which would you rather be around?  Which do you find it appealing to give your business to?

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A Lesson from my 11 year old Son~Rochelle McFarlane’s Better Believers Blog

A Lesson from my 11 year old Son
~Rochelle McFarlane’s
Better Believers Blog


Reflecting on a conversation I was having with my son while doing the dishes…gave me a lesson in self control!

Lessons repeat themselves until learned

Check out the audio I recorded where I share the story in greater detail

So often as parents, we can just write off what our children say thinking it holds no value or purpose.  Thinking that they don’t know enough or have enough life experience to teach us anything new!

Just listen to the audio and hear what I was being taught by my son.

Being a stay at home mom and choosing the path to “life learn” with my children I has given some many insights about life and the opportunity to grow myself in ways I never expected were possible!

Especially when it comes to increasing my self control and seeing how I can improve upon it.

My socks are blown off regularly and now I understand that my theories of “play attention” with my children are paying off!

Many times we are found in deep conversation about mindset and how powerful our thoughts are, this lesson that I was given shows me that all the hours invested are paying off ten fold!

I share this moment to inspire and help other parents see the value in personal develop measures with our children.  Taking time to read content about self improvement and gaining clarity on how to build upon our strengths is powerful!  The lesson from my son on self control truly opens my eyes to the possibility to my children being my best teachers in life and that I have grown into a mother that can listen with open ears to what is being taught to me from all my children.

Appreciate your positive comments and reading about your moments of learning with your children!

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Here’s a video that I captured of my youngest son…
talk about self control!

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Rochelle McFarlane

Rochelle McFarlane's Better Believers Blog

“Imagination” Better Believers Blog

"Imagination" Better Believers Blog

Today while sharing on the Better Believers Mastermind call,
we studied about the power of Imagination and how over the of recorded history
Imagination has been apart of the success stories. 
The imagination at times could be “The Secret” needed to be known in order
to attain the ability to create what some call the impossible! 
The next time you find yourself in a state of awe on how to accomplish a specific task,
just set into motion your imagination and lo! 
You will acquire a solution! 
Accept the power of the imagination and use it daily for you will see strength develop with ease over time.
"Imagination" Better Believers Blog

Ways to increase the Imagination:
        Think of a multiple ways to accomplish tasks
        Take a moment to watch the clouds and see what shapes you can see
        Doodle and let the drawings come alive
        Write and let the words flow freely
        Visit an art gallery
        Take a drive in the country or city
        Watch an inspiring movie
        Play games that are creative based
        Build a fort with your children
        Read an inspiring book
        Paint rocks

There are plenty more ways and share yours in the comments below this post.

Understanding that your “Imagination” is a powerful tool that only you can control is a feat of it’s own…
Listen to audio now and get some great stories from “The Law of Success” by Napoleon Hill


Your Imagination is the Mirror of the Soul ~Napoleon Hill"Imagination" Better Believers Blog


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You Can Achieve Your Dreams – Better Believers Blog

You Can Achieve Your Dreams!


9 Quick Tips to Get You started

  1. Make a Decision to identify your dream
  2. Write it out in full detail, the Universe loves specifics
  3. Immerse yourself in deep meditation seeing yourself accomplishing and experiencing this dream
  4. Create a vision board showing the details of your dream
  5. Fill your mind with empowering content daily through reading and listening to audios.
  6. Create daily action and tasks that propel you towards your Dream
  7. Surround yourself with those that will offer assistance, support and fuel for your dream to grow
  8. Research others that have accomplished similar dreams and goals. 
  9. Believe that it is POSSIBLE & that you deserve it!

Take to time for your dreams to take place and become your experience.  I have found that the essence of success comes quicker to those that apply these principles with Faith, Desire and Belief!

Here’s a recording from my call this morning!
( the content shared in this audio, there is a link to the book below )

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What’s Stopping You? – Better Believers Blog

What’s Stopping You? – Better Believers Blog

When I hear about stories like this…

This add fuel to my fire to keep the mission that Image
I started Better Believers for ! 

To be able to share and inspire others with stories like this…
with a melting heart and a new wave of inspiration!

Just watch this video

I share this video that a friend of mine created!

He has had breakthroughs and is following Better Believers Blog
his passion to share his craft with the world.

I am sharing this video to help create an awareness of his talents and his message that he shares with this video.

The desire for this little girl that is featured in the video
has to learn and educated herself,
even it means using the street as her desk and
the outdoors her classroom!
Talk about not settling or stopping because
the lack of “new” paper to use,
she was resourceful to fulfill her desire to
practice her ABCs with finding recycled pieces….

Seeing this level of dedication shows me how powerful of a leader she is !
This is what leadership is at the bare principles the willingness to do what it takes to succeed!

How often do people cave at the first obstacle and give up to pursing their desires….Ask yourself, “What’s stopping you?”

TBetter Believers Blogake the moment and re-watch this video,
look at the her eyes and see her essence,
allow it to awaken within you all the passion
to succeed within your own life!

This what the Better Believers is about finding people like this to bring into the lime light of the world and
allow us to see that we are all one,
that we can choose to uplift others and truly make a difference!

I write this post with tears of joy in my eyes knowing that my children are able to learn
with freedom as this little girl does, except they are able to have many luxuries she is without.  Yet that doesn’t stop her!

What’s stopping you?

I know that my friend is creating a way to collect contributions to help her and
many other students like her to have the needed supplies to learn and gain a powerful education.  Better Believers Blog

Choose to be a Better Believer and join our movement of creating more love in this world!

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“What’s Stopping


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Bad Words?

Bad Words?

Bads Words can break you down and stiffle your growth, creating a negative impact on your personal development.



Watch this video below and find which two words you can remove from your vocabulary today!


” Bad Words ”  can be replaced, just use your imagination by replacing the words that leave you feeling empowered and lifted up. 
This will create an attitude that will accomplish anything you set your mind to!

Here are some quick suggestions to use instead of “try” or “should” you can meld these examples to suit your situation and needs.

  • I will give my best attempt or effort
  • do
  • I will
  • I choose to
  • I can
  • how can I ?
  • I have the power to
  • I Am

Glad that you took to time to read this post

Here’s an audio that supports this concept of eliminating “BAD WORDS” from your vocabulary!

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PS great books to add to your list
As  A Man Thinketh
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The Power Of Desire

Have you ever heard of such a story of inspiration?

Come across a child born without ears and still could hear?

Check out this audio from the
Better Believers Mastermind Audio Collection….

Leave your comments here or below

Through studying the successful and thriving people in life
there is something I have learned to be consistent! 
The feeding of the mind, using audios to improve the
mindset and increase The Power of Desire!

Special note to all, especially parents, take this
story and apply it to your parenting habits. 
Taking special care in the words you choose
when speaking your child or about your child.

I leave you with something to ponder and think about…
What is that you desire and will
you take action, making that desire come to
life for you to experience?

Life is too Short to live without Better Believers and
The Power of Desire!

To Your  & Success Increased Desire!

Your Friend,

Rochelle McFarlane
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