Reflections of today for a better tomorrow …

Reflections of today for a better tomorrow …
As I lay here in the moment all cozy in bed and feeling sleepy from a full day of activities, I realize that I choose to write this post up quickly to capture the muse and just write a daily reflection. 

Firstly I share my attitude  of gratitude for being apart of moments like this with my son Zander  …. 

This is what a science lesson looks like at our house, getting hands experience while doing an experiment and comparison of bath bomb recipes ( here’s the one we made tonight  )   

He loved the feeling in his hands and how it smelled after adding the essential oils.  He choose grapefruit and lavender. 

Check back as I will post more about the results and he suggested we make a video about how we made them and what they look like once they hit to water. 

Such a wonderful conversation as he created the snowy balls of fun.  State changes and chemical reactions, it’s amazing how much learning comes from play and just being in the moment. 

Which brings us to something else we accomplished today  that was another amazing science learning moment and well life skill building task…. It’s the season to stock that pantry!  

Math was all over these two activities, we shared thoughts about the time it took to grow the cucumbers ( a few of our very own Cukes made the cut to become pickles but most of them from the market )  the recipe was doubled eight times to make enough brine and that meant more numbers, then how many more jars and Cukes needed to be stocked up until next harvesting season.  This how canning time we had brought in so many good lessons especially when using clean jars and how to sterlize them.  Here’s the recipe for the brine we made 

I love teaching and learning along side my children… Especially when it comes to increasing their understanding about where their food comes from and what’s in it ! 

Which makes my daughter have expressions like this… 


” they put that in foods? Why?” 

Well that’s a whole other blog post honey let’s stay focused …

Which leads us to making these 

 Yes gingerbread bear hugs, it’s all good in our “hood” especially when we have found ways to bake sugar free and still enjoy yummy baked goodness like this. 

Reflecting on this full day knowing tomorrow will be an even better day of memory making with my children 

Love and Light to you all and thanks for leaving me a comment below about your day ❤


I’ve set myself a new 90 day challenge …. Stay tuned 🙂 

Friday Froggy Fun 

Wishing you A Happy Friday with Froggy style !
Gosh I love moments like these and my son Zephyr does too!

Watch this video and see the love he has for these amazing little frogs.

There was a time when I would never touch a creature like this, not ever !

Now that I am a mother of four children, I have pushed past many things like this wee little frog, that used to strike fear into my very being.

Children need to explore and learn hands on… This is very important to me as a mother, for them to live with freedom to explore.

Today I chose to…

To stop and have some Froggy Fun !  To see the beauty in all creatures and moments.

This felt empowering to me to be a witness in my own life and see a great example how I’ve grown past my fears.

What fears have you out grown?

With how these little frogs have made their home in our yard over the years has been such a delight.  With their presence I have felt healing take place and confidence that the environment is able of healing itself, just like time can heal for us humans.

Enjoy your Friday by finding your own Froggy Fun ❤


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Shutting Out Ego with a Hair Cut

Learning to let go and seeing it as only hair.

Often while Zander was younger I would keep his hair very short and “proper”  You know, “well kept & tidy”

I’ve been learning to let go and let his hair be his own choice.  Such a learning curve about ego and authentic self, an inner battle that I no longer care to participate in.

Zander before

Just look at the smile after his hair cut was complete !

Zander after

Happy that my parenting journey teaches me to find joy in moments like these and to shut out my ego.

What’s your learning lesson in your parenting journey ?

For me in this moment ?

Pure and simple … It’s just hair and it will grow back.  My child’s happiness is far more important to me than putting my ego in the driver’s seat,  Here’s an audio where I make some confessions and share some great value to learn from.

Thanks for connecting and see you in the next post.  Appreciate  your time by leaving a comment below 🙂

The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer is an amazing energy to excrete from within yourself.  

I want to share with you some things that I have learned along the way when putting your prayers together.

1. Choose words that are in the positive form

2.  Focus on what your desired results

3.  Fill your mind with belief

4.  Know that what you want you deserve it

Here’s an audio from today’s mindset call with The Better Believers

Make it a great day and know that you are amazing!

Your Friend,


Peace Is Happening 


Times like this moment captured in the photo above, shows me that peace is happening on a global scale. 

Yes, truly it’s all a mindset and a choice that starts with ourselves.  

Through our thoughts we can create our experience and attract what we are thinking about with ease.  

As I continue to be a teacher and student in this life more examples appear in my everyday life. 

I offer a challenge for you to see how powerful you are, yes, now in this very moment. 

 What are you thinking about ?   

Is it peaceful ?  Is it what you want ? 

Watch this video for a great way to track your thoughts and to increase more peace among other things you’re desiring.

 Peace Is Happening

In the meantime leave a comment and share how you are experiencing peace happening now 


Make it a Great Day

Your Friend,

Rochelle McFarlane 

How Tea & Life Are The Same 

Life and tea have so many things in common, especially the fact you can make it what you want 🙂

Think of tea and all the options life has available 🙂 

You can grow it yourself, harvest it and savour it knowing you were apart of the process… Now take this over to life , you can do the same steps.  Grow your thoughts & beliefs, take action and savour knowing you were apart of the process.  

Become active in the process and savour the beauty that you have discovered the lessons in the process of either creating tea or life 🙂

What will you choose? 

How will you go about your process ?

There’s much to consider and yet these are yours to create for there’s the perfect cup of tea and life waiting for you, it’s just up to you to create it. 

Peace and love 


Teachings From My Children

Teachings From My Children

It’s time to offer some confessions about how much I learn from my children… This post will be interesting as I am confronting areas of myself that I don’t really want to acknowledge or give much energy to within this blog space.  

Regardless I am learning to take these parts of me and embrace them, knowing that everyday in everywhere.  This has taken years of studying and understanding from my end, it wasn’t easy at first to take time out to reprogram my mind into believing that I was even a good person.  This was when I was younger and even into my adulthood, the old thought patterns and negative self talk causing me to second even third guessing myself and my worthiness. 

 Through my journey as a parent my children have taught me how to keep my thoughts about myself accountable and to be the best that I can be.  That making a point of working on myself is the only way I will become a better person. 

At first it was for their sake in being a solid role model for them and now it’s turned into just wanting it for myself so I can be bigger and better being able to set that example of what is possible!

 I now am looking at myself more like liquid and apouring the container aka the environment, placing myself in my world of inspiration and beauty.  Committing time to See the world as peaceful and abundant, more innocent and loving because of their purity. 

 It’s interesting to see how when you take time to listen, the great wisdom that can spill upon our ears from the mouths of babes.  Take last night as an example.  I was checking on a wart on my youngest son’s foot, “Gosh I hope this doesn’t get any bigger”  I was stopped in that line of thinking by my middle son, “What did you just say?  That was wrong mom!  Say that it’s healing and getting smaller!  You wait I am going to tell people that you were wrong!”  Now I could have replied in some many ways, yet really I felt like he was right.  Though there’s some old programming that wanted to tell him that he had to respect me and not talk to me like that, really he just called me out and wanted to me to be aware of how I improve my thoughts.  This created a pondering in my mind later on about how many times children are wanting to share what they have learned to help us see the lessons worthy learning in life and been labelled disrespectful or rude. 

There’s just so much that I want to share about these lessons and teachings from my babes, thinking, well typing aloud I will start this as an ongoing series. The reason being they have so many lessons to teach and many that I have already learned for they have been my best teachers this far! 

 They keep me true to my development and journey of self improvement. I just shared with a friend, ” some may hire life coaches to help guide them to a new level of success and I feel fortunate to be patient enough to listen to my children”

Feeling like I’ve rambled enough for the moment about lessons and teachings from children, it’s late and they are waiting for me to press publish so we can read another chapter of our current book.  Never thought I was any good at reading aloud until I started reading to my boys and now I love it 🙂

My intention is to inspire you to see the lessons available from all children ❤ 

Thanks for leaving a kind comment and subscribing to my blog. 

Till next time continue to be healthy and feel happy !


How Being Forgetful Can Be a Good Thing

How Being Forgetful Can Be a Good Thing

It sounds just wrong and weird to suggest that forgetting something is a good thing…usually there is a strive to remember thing more efficiently!

Just bear with me for a moment as I share what I was learning with Wallace D Wattles in the book The Science of Success.

The best time to put to use the art of forgetting is best when it comes to your past errors and failures.  Now learning from them is great so they don’t repeat themselves into your life experience again.  After all doing the same thing over and over again is the definition of insanity.  Back to this theory of the art of forgetting, let’s face it focusing and dwelling your past errors and failures will just manifest more into your life experience and who’s wants that?  Do you ?  I didn’t think so!  I am on a mission to help support others in achieving more in life by offering you audios like this.  Please just click the link here and listen into what we were covering today… you will hear more about when being forgetting can be a good thing.

At the right hand side are more audios for your listening enjoyment and support in your life learning.

Appreciate your kind comments below and sharing with others, you could brighten their day just by sharing this quick Better Believers Tip 🙂

Till next time continue to be Healthy and Happy

Rochelle-George McFarlane

Rochelle McFarlane

Smiles Are Free For a Reason

A quick reflection on my day today and checking in with all my fellow Better Believers …

An encounter that happened during my day made me stop and think about how one person can make all the difference, even an impact to change a life.

Yet it occurred to me that often people in general are caught up in the day to day routine of their job and duties. That sometimes there’s a forgetfulness of how powerful and energetically we can have an effect on others around us.

Simple things can make a difference and it all can begin with a smile. Ours being the first one !



Your smile will bring more love and light to the world, after all
Change begins with us!


Before I really started to live my life with my own self love, I’d never post or even dream of taking a picture like this…. This is from a moment during our hike together. We messed our hair up more before snapping the photo. Being happy in the moment has become more important than being vane.

This made me smile today because it felt freeing to just be in the moment with my eldest son and dog in the woods, enjoying the fresh air and nature.

Helped me remember the importance of giving away more smiles because their free!

Be Healthy and Smiles to You 🙂

3 Steps To Achieving What YOU Desire

3 Steps To Achieving What YOU Desire

Excited that you found this post today and that The Better Believers can offer you some insight on these 3 Steps to Achieve what it is that you desire!  Before the spilling of the beans happens, let’s first off cover one critical detail that needs your attention and it’s very important that you give your all to this detail.

Before we get started, answer this as thoroughly as possible as it will determine your order down to the smallest of details.

What Do You Want?

Many times the clarity lacks when asking for something hence why it’s not apart of your experience yet.
For example say it’s a car you are wanting to have in your life.  What kind of car, what color, what make and model, year, how will it run, what kind of fuel will it run on?

Too many things to think about?  
Too many questions to answer?
Feeling overwhelmed?

Well how badly do you want what it is that you desire?  Allow your desire to fuel the energy required to come up with the answers and the clarity of what you are desiring…. Why you ask?  Well it’s simple there is a law that states that you must be clear and detailed when asking for what you want, just like when you order food at a restaurant.
Besides when you are clear in what it is you want to be, have or do it makes it easier for it to show up and for you to recognize it once it does appear in your life.

Contained in this audio is the details for The 3 Steps To Achieving What YOU Desire!
Listen now and be sure to take notes as this will help the
information sink into your being and sense of knowing.

We are looking for people that are ready to achieve more in life to lock arms with us and join our growing mastermind of Better Believers.  People that want to surround themselves with the doers, the dreamers and the ones who are want more from life.  If this excites you then join our community and immerse yourself in a community that believes in you and your dreams!
We are here to assist along your journey in succeeding and experiencing your desires!  Those dreams and desires are calling you for a reason, your time has come and it’s the perfect time!

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