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Peace Is Happening 


Times like this moment captured in the photo above, shows me that peace is happening on a global scale. 

Yes, truly it’s all a mindset and a choice that starts with ourselves.  

Through our thoughts we can create our experience and attract what we are thinking about with ease.  

As I continue to be a teacher and student in this life more examples appear in my everyday life. 

I offer a challenge for you to see how powerful you are, yes, now in this very moment. 

 What are you thinking about ?   

Is it peaceful ?  Is it what you want ? 

Watch this video for a great way to track your thoughts and to increase more peace among other things you’re desiring.

 Peace Is Happening

In the meantime leave a comment and share how you are experiencing peace happening now 


Make it a Great Day

Your Friend,

Rochelle McFarlane 

How Tea & Life Are The Same 

Life and tea have so many things in common, especially the fact you can make it what you want 🙂

Think of tea and all the options life has available 🙂 

You can grow it yourself, harvest it and savour it knowing you were apart of the process… Now take this over to life , you can do the same steps.  Grow your thoughts & beliefs, take action and savour knowing you were apart of the process.  

Become active in the process and savour the beauty that you have discovered the lessons in the process of either creating tea or life 🙂

What will you choose? 

How will you go about your process ?

There’s much to consider and yet these are yours to create for there’s the perfect cup of tea and life waiting for you, it’s just up to you to create it. 

Peace and love 


Smiles Are Free For a Reason

A quick reflection on my day today and checking in with all my fellow Better Believers …

An encounter that happened during my day made me stop and think about how one person can make all the difference, even an impact to change a life.

Yet it occurred to me that often people in general are caught up in the day to day routine of their job and duties. That sometimes there’s a forgetfulness of how powerful and energetically we can have an effect on others around us.

Simple things can make a difference and it all can begin with a smile. Ours being the first one !



Your smile will bring more love and light to the world, after all
Change begins with us!


Before I really started to live my life with my own self love, I’d never post or even dream of taking a picture like this…. This is from a moment during our hike together. We messed our hair up more before snapping the photo. Being happy in the moment has become more important than being vane.

This made me smile today because it felt freeing to just be in the moment with my eldest son and dog in the woods, enjoying the fresh air and nature.

Helped me remember the importance of giving away more smiles because their free!

Be Healthy and Smiles to You 🙂

3 Steps To Achieving What YOU Desire

3 Steps To Achieving What YOU Desire

Excited that you found this post today and that The Better Believers can offer you some insight on these 3 Steps to Achieve what it is that you desire!  Before the spilling of the beans happens, let’s first off cover one critical detail that needs your attention and it’s very important that you give your all to this detail.

Before we get started, answer this as thoroughly as possible as it will determine your order down to the smallest of details.

What Do You Want?

Many times the clarity lacks when asking for something hence why it’s not apart of your experience yet.
For example say it’s a car you are wanting to have in your life.  What kind of car, what color, what make and model, year, how will it run, what kind of fuel will it run on?

Too many things to think about?  
Too many questions to answer?
Feeling overwhelmed?

Well how badly do you want what it is that you desire?  Allow your desire to fuel the energy required to come up with the answers and the clarity of what you are desiring…. Why you ask?  Well it’s simple there is a law that states that you must be clear and detailed when asking for what you want, just like when you order food at a restaurant.
Besides when you are clear in what it is you want to be, have or do it makes it easier for it to show up and for you to recognize it once it does appear in your life.

Contained in this audio is the details for The 3 Steps To Achieving What YOU Desire!
Listen now and be sure to take notes as this will help the
information sink into your being and sense of knowing.

We are looking for people that are ready to achieve more in life to lock arms with us and join our growing mastermind of Better Believers.  People that want to surround themselves with the doers, the dreamers and the ones who are want more from life.  If this excites you then join our community and immerse yourself in a community that believes in you and your dreams!
We are here to assist along your journey in succeeding and experiencing your desires!  Those dreams and desires are calling you for a reason, your time has come and it’s the perfect time!

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How To Heal Yourself

This is wisdom has been lasting through the ages and everyone that chooses has access to it.  Healing yourself of any aliment is possible when you believe in the power of your mind and use it to the fullest of it’s capacity.  Our minds are far more powerful than the credit it’s given and is there for us always to offer what we are asking for.  The task for us is to become aware and gain control over the thoughts that we think.  Healing starts there with our thoughts, it’s pure and simple, there’s no need to complicate it.

Just listen to the story within this audio and allow it to inspire you of the possibilities.

you are listening quote

Our lives are driven by our personal beliefs and our thoughts this audio will help bring this to light.

There are plenty of stories through the ages and proof of what is possible when it comes to healing yourself.  Here’s a site full of stories to leave you feeling inspired 🙂

Here’s an affirmation to use when maintaining your health daily from Emile Coue,  when used this affirmation has helped people heal faster and get back to living healthier lifestyles.

“Everyday in everyway, I am getting better, better and better”  

Continue to say this day and night, regardless of your level of belief to start.  Just start say these words with the visions of pure health and wellness.  You will start to notice a difference and even if you don’t just continue to program your mind with these words daily.  The daily effort day and night will commence a habit of asking for more health in your personal experience.  Thus giving you more health in the long run.

Take time for yourself and be gentle with yourself while changing your thoughts, entering into a paradigm shift can be overwhelming so start off slowly.  Small changes add up quickly over time and know that just starting is worth celebrating!

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To Your Healing Powers Increasing 🙂
How to Heal Yourself

Biggest Month EVER

Biggest Month EVER


How can you create a biggest month ever?

First it comes to a decision!

Ask yourself are you ready to truly live a life of freedom?

Thinking about how life can get you down…it’s what you decide to do in those moments that will define your next outcome!

We all have choices in life! 

It is all about mindset and understanding that you care in charge of your life!
Be truthful with your yourself, the honesty at times may hurt…take note that doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is the definition of INSANITY!

Understanding more each day of seeing how this takes work, effort and a plan that aligns you with others that have specialized knowledge!

There is equal opportunity for everyone daily!

Trust in the process that there will be a way for those that are
committed to make a decision!  There are so many stories where
people have taken it upon themselves to create what is that want to experience!

There are systems available to create freedom based lifestyles!  The question you have to ask yourself, Are you willing to take MASSIVE ACTION? 
Are you READY to STEP into the true leader that you have within yourself?

Do you feel the hairs stand upon your neck when you state your dreams and aspirations out loud? 
It’s time to align yourself with your burning desire within!  Here is something for you to use to great acquainted with, Napoleon Hill’s Definite Chief Aim!


Here’s an audio that I created to share with you about wakening your leader within.

Success takes your commitment and decision to see it’s all about mindset!

I believe in you and your value that you have to offer others!






Create Your Reality

Create Your Reality

Ever feel like life is just happening and the day flows by

Today I have a great audio to share with your on how to create your reality.  Often I will use my thoughts to change a situation immediately, especially when it comes to my parenting experiences.

Grab your note book and be ready to have goodness happen more often in your life.

I am a truly believer in good daily content entering into the mind and to break away the negatives.  It takes a certain amount of daily discipline and commitment to create significant change in your life.

Every thought lingers until they are taken over from new thoughts that have been nourished and fed daily. IMG_6571.JPG

Accurate Thinking

Accurate Thinking 

What do you mean we can think erroneously? How is that possible? 
This is what past my mind upon reading this years ago, then my world would never be the same again!  “Accurate Think”? 

Here’s a video I created about Accurate Thinking…

We are given these minds at birth and yet there is no tangible manual to teach us to use it to the fullest capacity.  Knowing how to think and what to think is a delicate topic for some people…

Today I have taken on the this challenge and facing fear in the face, I am going to be bold and this has been your warning.  Too often I will hold back when sharing info like this scared some will judge me or take something personal and want to attack me.  This lesson of study has taught me, how much “inaccurate thinking” I have done in the past!  I am having a breakthrough kinda moment and wanting to inspire you to take an inventory of your own “accurate thinking” 

Here’s an audio that I created for you to check out! 

Share this post with someone that needs these words of awareness when it creating the habit of accurate thinking.

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The depths of our mind is infinite and the possibilities are endless,
that means you are possible!  Just put your full faith and belief into what you are desiring! 
I am here for you and to assist you in awaken the “Better Believer” within you!

A Lesson from my 11 year old Son~Rochelle McFarlane’s Better Believers Blog

A Lesson from my 11 year old Son
~Rochelle McFarlane’s
Better Believers Blog


Reflecting on a conversation I was having with my son while doing the dishes…gave me a lesson in self control!
Lessons repeat themselves until learned

Check out the audio I recorded where I share the story in greater detail

So often as parents, we can just write off what our children say thinking it holds no value or purpose.  Thinking that they don’t know enough or have enough life experience to teach us anything new!

Just listen to the audio and hear what I was being taught by my son.

Being a stay at home mom and choosing the path to “life learn” with my children I has given some many insights about life and the opportunity to grow myself in ways I never expected were possible!

Especially when it comes to increasing my self control and seeing how I can improve upon it.

My socks are blown off regularly and now I understand that my theories of “play attention” with my children are paying off!

Many times we are found in deep conversation about mindset and how powerful our thoughts are, this lesson that I was given shows me that all the hours invested are paying off ten fold!

I share this moment to inspire and help other parents see the value in personal develop measures with our children.  Taking time to read content about self improvement and gaining clarity on how to build upon our strengths is powerful!  The lesson from my son on self control truly opens my eyes to the possibility to my children being my best teachers in life and that I have grown into a mother that can listen with open ears to what is being taught to me from all my children.

Appreciate your positive comments and reading about your moments of learning with your children!

I am passionate about sharing great stories like this and get excited about being paid for it!  Click this link and enter in your best email address and watch a free video that changed my life!

Here’s a video that I captured of my youngest son…
talk about self control!

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In Gratitude,
Rochelle McFarlane

Rochelle McFarlane's Better Believers Blog

100 Days of Happiness

100 Days of Happiness

100 days of happiness
Happiness is a choice, what will you choose?

Taking time to focus on what creates happiness for the next “100 days”
was an idea from someone else… I am loving this idea and adapting it into my life, paying attention to which moments were happy ones throughout each day!


Thoughts are things and our focus creates our personal experience
thus by focusing and drawing more attention to what creates happiness, will naturally cause more happiness to happen!

Ask yourself, what was your happy today?  Just keep it simple 🙂

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100 days as I will be sharing personal happy moments!

My intention is to inspire others to find more happiness within their own days and moments!

Appreciate you helping me help others…how many could we help?

Will it be in the 100’s ? The 1000’s? The 10,000’s? The 100,000’s?

Friends and fellow believers…we can accomplish the millions when we set the intention knowing we have the power!

Here is today’s audio from The Better Believers, created just for you may you find value within it and help others to see the power within.  The intention is to help the align of the mindset be tuned into abundance and prosperity!

Enjoy your 100 days of happiness!
Here is a moment of my happiness for today … this moment was special and amazing!  I am happy that I was able to record it! 

Appreciate your comments about your “100 Days of Happiness” in the comments below and passing this along to others that could use the happy post!

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