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How Being Forgetful Can Be a Good Thing

How Being Forgetful Can Be a Good Thing

It sounds just wrong and weird to suggest that forgetting something is a good thing…usually there is a strive to remember thing more efficiently!

Just bear with me for a moment as I share what I was learning with Wallace D Wattles in the book The Science of Success.

The best time to put to use the art of forgetting is best when it comes to your past errors and failures.  Now learning from them is great so they don’t repeat themselves into your life experience again.  After all doing the same thing over and over again is the definition of insanity.  Back to this theory of the art of forgetting, let’s face it focusing and dwelling your past errors and failures will just manifest more into your life experience and who’s wants that?  Do you ?  I didn’t think so!  I am on a mission to help support others in achieving more in life by offering you audios like this.  Please just click the link here and listen into what we were covering today… you will hear more about when being forgetting can be a good thing.

At the right hand side are more audios for your listening enjoyment and support in your life learning.

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Till next time continue to be Healthy and Happy

Rochelle-George McFarlane

Rochelle McFarlane

Smiles Are Free For a Reason

A quick reflection on my day today and checking in with all my fellow Better Believers …

An encounter that happened during my day made me stop and think about how one person can make all the difference, even an impact to change a life.

Yet it occurred to me that often people in general are caught up in the day to day routine of their job and duties. That sometimes there’s a forgetfulness of how powerful and energetically we can have an effect on others around us.

Simple things can make a difference and it all can begin with a smile. Ours being the first one !



Your smile will bring more love and light to the world, after all
Change begins with us!


Before I really started to live my life with my own self love, I’d never post or even dream of taking a picture like this…. This is from a moment during our hike together. We messed our hair up more before snapping the photo. Being happy in the moment has become more important than being vane.

This made me smile today because it felt freeing to just be in the moment with my eldest son and dog in the woods, enjoying the fresh air and nature.

Helped me remember the importance of giving away more smiles because their free!

Be Healthy and Smiles to You 🙂

3 Steps To Achieving What YOU Desire

3 Steps To Achieving What YOU Desire

Excited that you found this post today and that The Better Believers can offer you some insight on these 3 Steps to Achieve what it is that you desire!  Before the spilling of the beans happens, let’s first off cover one critical detail that needs your attention and it’s very important that you give your all to this detail.

Before we get started, answer this as thoroughly as possible as it will determine your order down to the smallest of details.

What Do You Want?

Many times the clarity lacks when asking for something hence why it’s not apart of your experience yet.
For example say it’s a car you are wanting to have in your life.  What kind of car, what color, what make and model, year, how will it run, what kind of fuel will it run on?

Too many things to think about?  
Too many questions to answer?
Feeling overwhelmed?

Well how badly do you want what it is that you desire?  Allow your desire to fuel the energy required to come up with the answers and the clarity of what you are desiring…. Why you ask?  Well it’s simple there is a law that states that you must be clear and detailed when asking for what you want, just like when you order food at a restaurant.
Besides when you are clear in what it is you want to be, have or do it makes it easier for it to show up and for you to recognize it once it does appear in your life.

Contained in this audio is the details for The 3 Steps To Achieving What YOU Desire!
Listen now and be sure to take notes as this will help the
information sink into your being and sense of knowing.

We are looking for people that are ready to achieve more in life to lock arms with us and join our growing mastermind of Better Believers.  People that want to surround themselves with the doers, the dreamers and the ones who are want more from life.  If this excites you then join our community and immerse yourself in a community that believes in you and your dreams!
We are here to assist along your journey in succeeding and experiencing your desires!  Those dreams and desires are calling you for a reason, your time has come and it’s the perfect time!

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Healthy Holidays

 Healthy Holidays
Fitting in Exercise during the Holidays

I used to think that this time of year meant that you had to gain weight and eat a bunch of sweets to be polite…now I have been seeing that all the junk and extra sugary tastiness is a false belief of mine.  Now being a mother of 3 growing sons I want to create healthier ways to celebrate not to mention giving them better cravings!  Yes, better cravings for real food in the natural form and tastes.

There are so many ways to have fun with food and staying focused on goodness that supports healthy bodies to make a healthy holiday be our experience!

I found this great photo idea of making a veggie house instead of a gingerbread house, this version you would want to eat asap mind you…yet there’s no guilt or bad feelings about eating it in one sitting.  This project is teaching children about healthy eating and how it can be fun, even if you are stuck in an adult body!

Our family is waiting to see what kinds of new veggies come in our local organic veggie bag and have plans of making one next week.  My intention is to introduce some new veggies to their palates as there’s great imaginations in our house for what we can create.  There might be extra chopping to prep and that’s part of the fun….anything left over will head over to the crock pot for soup broth 🙂  No wasted veggies is our goal just good memories and healthy holidays!


Post by Better Believers.

Excited to see what you create during your Healthy Holidays!
Please share your pictures here!

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Make it a Healthy Day!

Rochelle-George McFarlane

Rochelle McFarlane

Being a Good Wife while being busy being Mommy

Excited to be writing this guest blog post and share some of the ways
 I keep myself grounded with all the labels that life wants to place upon me. 
A few quick facts about me before we get into some tips that have kept my husband and I together, happily married with children!  We have been together for 12 years and have three amazing healthy sons together….We have been running a home based business together for 10 years. 
Being a mother can have it’s toll on you regardless if you work in or out of the home. 
 Being a full time mom that works from home, I have learned over the years how important it is to be organized and have priorities set into place. 
  1. Communication :
Taking to time to express to both my husband and children is important, finding ways to release any ill feelings, thoughts about events of the day.  You will find by letting go of these in a calm fashion will build the skill set for the children because of the example you are setting but also the relationships.  There are health benefits too on a personal level of letting go of any residual negativity.
There are many times when as a mother and a wife, where effective communication can save time and energy, allowing more time for good memories.
3 Quick tips to effective communication
Take time to make eye contact and choose a soothing tone of voice
Choose your words wisely to increase the delivery
Within your own mind see the conversation as a positive one and the desired results.
2.  Delegate
Being a Superwoman inside and outside of the bedroom takes it’s toll with an expectation that
” I have to do everything myself!” 

Ever feel like just throwing in the towel literally? 

Well, start to let go of the status of the the household.  I have found the more I worry about the house being as neat as a pin, I have missed exciting milestones with my children.

Besides there is strength in working with others and allowing them to do their best even though, it’s your children helping with the chores.  How else will they learn?

When it comes to creating the magical balance between mother and wife, it can be tricky and tiresome… in the end it’s all worth it.  Knowing that you have what it takes to make it work and love it for all that you can with every fiber of your being.  Superwoman just chooses to focus on one task at time and let’s go of the expectations.. the perfection is there just look at the positives rather than the negatives.  That’s the be all end all secret ingredient, the magic is in the attitude!-

3.  Gratitude
Daily as a family and a husband-wife team, we look at what we can be grateful for and happy about.  We have found that this is the glue that holds us together and show appreciation for the moments that count.
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Life is worth living with a smile!

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Free Your Mind

Free your mind and the rest will follow…

I think that there is a song that reflects this thought!

I believe it’s a song from En Vogue…just listen to the lyrics!


Freeing your mind allows you to create a space of being yourself,
develop more confidence and increase your self image.

Your self image is developed through the thoughts that you think about yourself.  It’s like the little voice that pops up to say,
” Yes I can do that or No it’s not possible or that’s just the way it is ”

You know the one that I am talking about…

The intention of this post is to reach those that are ready to increase their self image and live out their dreams.
Life is meant to be rich, full and delicious!

As I continue to study this book Mind Power by John Kehoe,
I am feeling empowered within and excited to see how life is changing within itself.  Truly gaining insight on some just seem to live life attracting and experiencing their desires.  It’s all simple and straight forward for them.  The only difference between such people and the masses comes down to freeing the mind of all obstacles, over coming the what if’s and I can’ts…believe within you mind first and the rest will follow!

I have come up with some questions for you journal about and I encourage you to take up some pages in your journal.  There is a true gift you will give yourself, that your time invest and it will increase your sense of who you are.

This exercise will increase your self image and self worth.  

Here’s the questions, keep in mind while answering them be bold and allow the pen to flow about the page free of judgement, criticism and with ease writing all that comes to your mind.

What words come to mind when I describe myself?

How do I view my accomplishments?

What are my successes in life?

How do I celebrate my successes?

What do I think of myself?

Now that you have taken time to answer the questions above, applaud yourself for investing that time into yourself.  Most will find an excuse or reason to refrain from executing this small yet mighty task.

Here’s an audio that I recorded for your listening pleasure,it will support your mind set in creating a free mind and it’s the latest recording from the Better Believers Mastermind.

We are live Monday~Friday at 10 AM PST
Too often we limit ourselves with negative self and dis-empowering beliefs.

You are who you think you are and that’s a fact you have control over.

Allow this audio and exercise to open your free mind 🙂

The Better Believers community is here to stay,
growing daily and wanting to see you succeed!

Appreciate your comments, shares and see you soon 🙂

Enjoy your day and all the blessings
you attracted into your day
knowing you have increased your free mind,
your self image and your personal power!

How Power Is Developed Through Co-Operation

How Power Is Developed Through Co-Operation

Taking a moment to invest in yourself is a powerful act!

Join the 3% in life that choose to succeed and be the powerful you that is within.
Here at the Better Believers, we believe in your dreams and want to see you succeed!

It’s time to see the opportunity in front of you… Once awareness is created change can happen

Here is an audio for your learning investment and to support your self education.

Personal development is a facet of life worth taking advantage of.

Listen to this audio now and take notes, the value is life transforming an
will create change on a whole new level.

How Power Is Developed Through Co-Operation

Happy that you enjoyed this audio and shared it with others!

Make it a great day!

Rochelle McFarlane



Offense vs Defense

Offense vs Defense

A video message for your watching pleasure about the importance of Offense vs Defense


Remember when selling yourself, business, services and products find ways to put yourself on the offensive side of the conversation instead being on the defensive side!  This will show that you have self control, setting yourself in a different section than your competition.  Your future clients and team mates will see that you are a joy to be around.  When you are in a position of “offense” your brain and imagination will work together in harmony finding ways to serve by offering solutions to challenges rather than creating them.
Think of it as negative and positive, which would you rather be around?  Which do you find it appealing to give your business to?

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You Can Achieve Your Dreams – Better Believers Blog

You Can Achieve Your Dreams!


9 Quick Tips to Get You started

  1. Make a Decision to identify your dream
  2. Write it out in full detail, the Universe loves specifics
  3. Immerse yourself in deep meditation seeing yourself accomplishing and experiencing this dream
  4. Create a vision board showing the details of your dream
  5. Fill your mind with empowering content daily through reading and listening to audios.
  6. Create daily action and tasks that propel you towards your Dream
  7. Surround yourself with those that will offer assistance, support and fuel for your dream to grow
  8. Research others that have accomplished similar dreams and goals. 
  9. Believe that it is POSSIBLE & that you deserve it!

Take to time for your dreams to take place and become your experience.  I have found that the essence of success comes quicker to those that apply these principles with Faith, Desire and Belief!

Here’s a recording from my call this morning!
( the content shared in this audio, there is a link to the book below )

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