Zander’s Conservation Thoughts on Frogs 

 Straight up goodness from my 9 year old.  I share this with you to inspire and to encourage him to keep sharing his words of  insight and wisdom.   He’s confident in making this world the best he can! 

Zander’s story

Something I did this past Summer was help my family set up an above ground pool. We swam in the pool and found some friends. These new family friends were little tree frogs. They would hide along the folds of the pool on the outside and even sometimes join us in the water for a quick dip. 

I think these frogs choose to live us because we had safe water for them that had very little chlorine in it and our yard is nice and pure.   Meaning we only use natural fertilizers like compost and chicken manure to help our plants grow.  We leave the bugs alone and don’t use any toxic chemicals. 

I love the frogs help me conserve homes for them 

Thanks for reading and helping Zander share about our wild pet frogs ❤ 

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