Reflections of today for a better tomorrow …

Reflections of today for a better tomorrow …
As I lay here in the moment all cozy in bed and feeling sleepy from a full day of activities, I realize that I choose to write this post up quickly to capture the muse and just write a daily reflection. 

Firstly I share my attitude  of gratitude for being apart of moments like this with my son Zander  …. 

This is what a science lesson looks like at our house, getting hands experience while doing an experiment and comparison of bath bomb recipes ( here’s the one we made tonight  )   

He loved the feeling in his hands and how it smelled after adding the essential oils.  He choose grapefruit and lavender. 

Check back as I will post more about the results and he suggested we make a video about how we made them and what they look like once they hit to water. 

Such a wonderful conversation as he created the snowy balls of fun.  State changes and chemical reactions, it’s amazing how much learning comes from play and just being in the moment. 

Which brings us to something else we accomplished today  that was another amazing science learning moment and well life skill building task…. It’s the season to stock that pantry!  

Math was all over these two activities, we shared thoughts about the time it took to grow the cucumbers ( a few of our very own Cukes made the cut to become pickles but most of them from the market )  the recipe was doubled eight times to make enough brine and that meant more numbers, then how many more jars and Cukes needed to be stocked up until next harvesting season.  This how canning time we had brought in so many good lessons especially when using clean jars and how to sterlize them.  Here’s the recipe for the brine we made 

I love teaching and learning along side my children… Especially when it comes to increasing their understanding about where their food comes from and what’s in it ! 

Which makes my daughter have expressions like this… 


” they put that in foods? Why?” 

Well that’s a whole other blog post honey let’s stay focused …

Which leads us to making these 

 Yes gingerbread bear hugs, it’s all good in our “hood” especially when we have found ways to bake sugar free and still enjoy yummy baked goodness like this. 

Reflecting on this full day knowing tomorrow will be an even better day of memory making with my children 

Love and Light to you all and thanks for leaving me a comment below about your day ❤


I’ve set myself a new 90 day challenge …. Stay tuned 🙂 

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