Smiles Are Free For a Reason

A quick reflection on my day today and checking in with all my fellow Better Believers …

An encounter that happened during my day made me stop and think about how one person can make all the difference, even an impact to change a life.

Yet it occurred to me that often people in general are caught up in the day to day routine of their job and duties. That sometimes there’s a forgetfulness of how powerful and energetically we can have an effect on others around us.

Simple things can make a difference and it all can begin with a smile. Ours being the first one !



Your smile will bring more love and light to the world, after all
Change begins with us!


Before I really started to live my life with my own self love, I’d never post or even dream of taking a picture like this…. This is from a moment during our hike together. We messed our hair up more before snapping the photo. Being happy in the moment has become more important than being vane.

This made me smile today because it felt freeing to just be in the moment with my eldest son and dog in the woods, enjoying the fresh air and nature.

Helped me remember the importance of giving away more smiles because their free!

Be Healthy and Smiles to You ūüôā


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