Healthy Holidays

 Healthy Holidays
Fitting in Exercise during the Holidays

I used to think that this time of year meant that you had to gain weight and eat a bunch of sweets to be polite…now I have been seeing that all the junk and extra sugary tastiness is a false belief of mine.  Now being a mother of 3 growing sons I want to create healthier ways to celebrate not to mention giving them better cravings!  Yes, better cravings for real food in the natural form and tastes.

There are so many ways to have fun with food and staying focused on goodness that supports healthy bodies to make a healthy holiday be our experience!

I found this great photo idea of making a veggie house instead of a gingerbread house, this version you would want to eat asap mind you…yet there’s no guilt or bad feelings about eating it in one sitting.  This project is teaching children about healthy eating and how it can be fun, even if you are stuck in an adult body!

Our family is waiting to see what kinds of new veggies come in our local organic veggie bag and have plans of making one next week.  My intention is to introduce some new veggies to their palates as there’s great imaginations in our house for what we can create.  There might be extra chopping to prep and that’s part of the fun….anything left over will head over to the crock pot for soup broth 🙂  No wasted veggies is our goal just good memories and healthy holidays!


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Excited to see what you create during your Healthy Holidays!
Please share your pictures here!

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Make it a Healthy Day!

Rochelle-George McFarlane

Rochelle McFarlane

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