Being a Good Wife while being busy being Mommy

Excited to be writing this guest blog post and share some of the ways
 I keep myself grounded with all the labels that life wants to place upon me. 
A few quick facts about me before we get into some tips that have kept my husband and I together, happily married with children!  We have been together for 12 years and have three amazing healthy sons together….We have been running a home based business together for 10 years. 
Being a mother can have it’s toll on you regardless if you work in or out of the home. 
 Being a full time mom that works from home, I have learned over the years how important it is to be organized and have priorities set into place. 
  1. Communication :
Taking to time to express to both my husband and children is important, finding ways to release any ill feelings, thoughts about events of the day.  You will find by letting go of these in a calm fashion will build the skill set for the children because of the example you are setting but also the relationships.  There are health benefits too on a personal level of letting go of any residual negativity.
There are many times when as a mother and a wife, where effective communication can save time and energy, allowing more time for good memories.
3 Quick tips to effective communication
Take time to make eye contact and choose a soothing tone of voice
Choose your words wisely to increase the delivery
Within your own mind see the conversation as a positive one and the desired results.
2.  Delegate
Being a Superwoman inside and outside of the bedroom takes it’s toll with an expectation that
” I have to do everything myself!” 

Ever feel like just throwing in the towel literally? 

Well, start to let go of the status of the the household.  I have found the more I worry about the house being as neat as a pin, I have missed exciting milestones with my children.

Besides there is strength in working with others and allowing them to do their best even though, it’s your children helping with the chores.  How else will they learn?

When it comes to creating the magical balance between mother and wife, it can be tricky and tiresome… in the end it’s all worth it.  Knowing that you have what it takes to make it work and love it for all that you can with every fiber of your being.  Superwoman just chooses to focus on one task at time and let’s go of the expectations.. the perfection is there just look at the positives rather than the negatives.  That’s the be all end all secret ingredient, the magic is in the attitude!-

3.  Gratitude
Daily as a family and a husband-wife team, we look at what we can be grateful for and happy about.  We have found that this is the glue that holds us together and show appreciation for the moments that count.
Appreciate you following me on twitter and here’s my facebook so we can become friends!
Life is worth living with a smile!

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