Free Your Mind

Free your mind and the rest will follow…

I think that there is a song that reflects this thought!

I believe it’s a song from En Vogue…just listen to the lyrics!


Freeing your mind allows you to create a space of being yourself,
develop more confidence and increase your self image.

Your self image is developed through the thoughts that you think about yourself.  It’s like the little voice that pops up to say,
” Yes I can do that or No it’s not possible or that’s just the way it is ”

You know the one that I am talking about…

The intention of this post is to reach those that are ready to increase their self image and live out their dreams.
Life is meant to be rich, full and delicious!

As I continue to study this book Mind Power by John Kehoe,
I am feeling empowered within and excited to see how life is changing within itself.  Truly gaining insight on some just seem to live life attracting and experiencing their desires.  It’s all simple and straight forward for them.  The only difference between such people and the masses comes down to freeing the mind of all obstacles, over coming the what if’s and I can’ts…believe within you mind first and the rest will follow!

I have come up with some questions for you journal about and I encourage you to take up some pages in your journal.  There is a true gift you will give yourself, that your time invest and it will increase your sense of who you are.

This exercise will increase your self image and self worth.  

Here’s the questions, keep in mind while answering them be bold and allow the pen to flow about the page free of judgement, criticism and with ease writing all that comes to your mind.

What words come to mind when I describe myself?

How do I view my accomplishments?

What are my successes in life?

How do I celebrate my successes?

What do I think of myself?

Now that you have taken time to answer the questions above, applaud yourself for investing that time into yourself.  Most will find an excuse or reason to refrain from executing this small yet mighty task.

Here’s an audio that I recorded for your listening pleasure,it will support your mind set in creating a free mind and it’s the latest recording from the Better Believers Mastermind.

We are live Monday~Friday at 10 AM PST
Too often we limit ourselves with negative self and dis-empowering beliefs.

You are who you think you are and that’s a fact you have control over.

Allow this audio and exercise to open your free mind 🙂

The Better Believers community is here to stay,
growing daily and wanting to see you succeed!

Appreciate your comments, shares and see you soon 🙂

Enjoy your day and all the blessings
you attracted into your day
knowing you have increased your free mind,
your self image and your personal power!


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