15 Members of Your Army

15 Members of Your Army


These 15 members to your army are worth knowing as they will help you accomplish anything you desire!

Today I am pleased to share with you this audio from this mornings Better Believers Mastermind Call

This was the 135th audio that I have created.

It’s the 15 member army that drives me to create audios and well my husband’s voice ringing in my head that I am great at talking!   I love to talk and that’s no secret…Years ago I was afraid of saying “ladies and gentlemen” without a microphone and now, here I am making audios that have been improving the lives of the willing. 

I am excited to share that there are many listeners and action takers that are crossing paths with me,
hearing my voice speaking life and passion with messages of great content!

Here’s an insight to what kind of fun we like to have now that we have our 15 member army working with us!

fun with our 15 member army

Today’s post is all about sharing the 15 member army with you and to inspire those that are ready to change this world for the better!

You have value to add to this world and we are waiting for you to let your light shine!

It’s short and sweet for this post… just listen to the audio and let me know how your army of 15 is working for you!


Your Friend and Fellow Believer

Rochelle McFarlane



Set up your free account http://www.betterbelievers.net it’s our new social media site and
we are excited to offer you this as a platform where you will only find positive content to fill your mind and time with 🙂





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