Balancing Marriage with Motherhood

Balancing Marriage with Motherhood

Tips to being super woman on the inside 🙂 after all it’s what’s in the inside that accounts most!  These are a few tips that come to my mind when balancing marriage with motherhood.

1.  Affirmations
Take moments throughout my day where affirmations are spoken out loud in the mirror with full eye contact.  There’s something magical that happens when you can look yourself straight in the eyes and say ” I am powerful, I am Healthy and strong ”  ” yes I can accomplish ________” fill in the blank to suit your needs.


Our words have amazing strength and energy, choose them wisely!  Keeping my self talk on a positive note, allows me to see that I am both a wonderful wife and magnificent mother.

There moments in a Mother’s Day where using affirmations can turn a harsh moment into a tolerable one and helps with the transfer between wife and mother.

2.  Mindset Training
On average I spent about an hour reading and listening to audios that feed my positive mental attitude.

How do I fit this in?

Upon waking I will listen to an 11 minute audio that I recorded with my phone, this helps me with my meditation and setting the intentions for my approaching day.  When it comes to reading, I just read aloud to my children while they play and again to myself after they are asleep.  I find that keeping this habit on a daily basis encourages easier transitions between wife and mother, gives me a foundation that I am good enough and filled with super “mife” powers!

3.  Delegate chores and play games with children to help instil good work ethics into the fiber of the being.  Let’s face it there will always be laundry and dishes, it’s a skill worth teaching.  Keeping in mind it takes time and patience to hone these skills, so sometimes the end results require a little be of extra guidance to observe the details.  The secret is being happy with what does get accomplished for the day, this is far more empowering and motivating  than tearing myself down for not getting the whole “list” completed !  Children grow faster, a pristine house will happen later in life !

4.  Communication is a must in both parenting and marriage !

At the dinner table we share “happy”, “sad” & ” “Favorite” moments of the day.
This habit keeps our family connected in effective communication on a daily basis and in check with how everyone is doing.  I find that being able to express effectively keeps both journeys of wife and mother manageable and fun!  There are times when I can freely express that I need a mommy time out or that there are more proactive ways of dealing with your emotions and feelings.  This communication habit alone has created a more peaceful household and less sibling rivalry.

Being open with my husband and being able to share my inner feelings, thoughts and ideas has created a strong bond between us over the last 12 years.  We have yet to have a “fight” because we take the time to connect, allowing us more time for laughs and good memories.  We are invested in the well being of each other, this a vow we took when finding out about Zane’s arrival.   That is a story to be shared another time.

5. Personal Time

Taking time to just be me helps the balancing between marriage and motherhood. Having time to just be quiet in the garden or writing posts, taking a hot bath alone or a laps in the pool, my early morning walking time also adds to the habit of keeping my attitude of gratitude alive and nourished !

Using these 5 simple tips keeps my marriage strong and my family growing forward, they make my balancing act between wife, mother and just being me.

In closing…My husband and I will have “meetings” on a regular basis to keep connected on a intimate level.  We chat about how this time in our lives requires much energy in raising our babes and how we want to do the best we can for them.  We have worked upon this attitude of gratitude, where we cherish the quick blissful moments as husband and wife knowing that in time we will have more space for being a husband and a wife.  Keeping our expectations low and learning at a high, keeps that growing forward attitude !

Parenting is the biggest challenge I’ve come to at this point in my life, it’s a path of personal growth and it pays to align yourself with others that support your growth!

Appreciate your kind words, follows, likes and shares !

Balancing between Marriage and Motherhood
Here’s an updated picture with my sons, Zander, Zane and Zephyr
Balancing between marriage and motherhood
My husband George with our oldest two sons enjoying some fun at a local adventure park

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Make it a great day, feel the balance between marriage and motherhood!

Rochelle McFarlane 🙂


I am a life learning mother of three sons and a wife of 12 years. I have been working from home since 2004 and loving every minute of it!  I am here to help awaken the better believer within you!


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