100 Days of Happiness

100 Days of Happiness

100 days of happiness
Happiness is a choice, what will you choose?

Taking time to focus on what creates happiness for the next “100 days”
was an idea from someone else… I am loving this idea and adapting it into my life, paying attention to which moments were happy ones throughout each day!


Thoughts are things and our focus creates our personal experience
thus by focusing and drawing more attention to what creates happiness, will naturally cause more happiness to happen!

Ask yourself, what was your happy today?  Just keep it simple 🙂

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100 days as I will be sharing personal happy moments!

My intention is to inspire others to find more happiness within their own days and moments!

Appreciate you helping me help others…how many could we help?

Will it be in the 100’s ? The 1000’s? The 10,000’s? The 100,000’s?

Friends and fellow believers…we can accomplish the millions when we set the intention knowing we have the power!

Here is today’s audio from The Better Believers, created just for you may you find value within it and help others to see the power within.  The intention is to help the align of the mindset be tuned into abundance and prosperity!

Enjoy your 100 days of happiness!
Here is a moment of my happiness for today … this moment was special and amazing!  I am happy that I was able to record it! 

Appreciate your comments about your “100 Days of Happiness” in the comments below and passing this along to others that could use the happy post!

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