Self Design Review Part 3 – Better Believers Blog

Self Design Review Part 3 – Better Believers Blog

self design review part 3
Self Design Review Part 3
Being with Self Design for the past 2 years has given me the opportunity to learn along side my children while keeping my family values at the top of my list when it comes to daily learning moments. Here’s one of our favorite family quotes we use as a reminder of what is important!


Self Design helps me to understand that my children’s education
is more than just information and how well they read, write & add numbers!
Education is about loving to learn and learning to love more on a daily basis.  When there is love and passion for learning the world
is their oyster, they are the pearl of wisdom!
Children require life skills and an understanding about that life is meant to be lived.

I was having a conversation with a fellow parent at the ball field last week...

Here I will share with you what was spoken during our interaction.

“That too often as children our imagination and confidence gets trampled so that we just become
accustomed to being told how to think, what to think and how we should accomplish tasks.
It’s no wonder that so many 40 and 50 year olds, don’t understand who they are, what they like and
what they get excited about!  Society requires change that something has to transform and it’s happening,
first there has to be a focus on life skills and effective communication ”

I was met with pondering eyes and a reply,
“totally there is something wrong with children having to be forced into
subject matter that holds no interest and
it’s no wonder why there are so many challenges for the teachers!
How do you teach large groups and capture everyone’s interest?
This public system is set for everyone to fail, really when you think about it!”


I love that I have the support from Self Design
to have a connection with my children’s learning on a deeper level of life!

I actually read books on personal development to my boys because it’s a foundation of being they require and
any others subjects that are of interest they can pick up as they grow their abilities in reading.

Having confidence and self esteem is far more important to have first because with these traits intact anything is possible!

Self Design gives me the support to and promotes the stability of child developing in this precious years.
 Knowing what you like, what you are passionate about, what brings you joy and having a sense of “Who Am I”

Granted these can change over time yet I have met more adults seeking out who they are compared to children.

Most children, the younger ones know what they want, how they like it and their desires…..

Ask a younger child and they will pour out from the heart answers with clarity and desire!

This is purely my opinion and I am fortunate to have found Self Design, this has been part 3 in Self Design Series.
My intention is to share my experience and my thoughts, may it spur positive changes for children to be
given more opportunities to succeed in life with more confidence, imagination and desire to learn!

self design review part 3
Self Design Review Part 3
Zander loves to use his imagination and create stories as he builds with lego. Here he’s science lab that produces robots to help people have more freedom to have fun in life!
self design review part 3
Self Design Review Part 3
We spend lots of times like this…playing together, fun for all ages at the park! Here my boys are venturing off into the mountains in this all terrain vehicle in search of animals to observe!


















Here is the link to Self Design for further information

Check here for some great posts from others in the Self Design Community


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