“Imagination” Better Believers Blog

"Imagination" Better Believers Blog

Today while sharing on the Better Believers Mastermind call,
we studied about the power of Imagination and how over the of recorded history
Imagination has been apart of the success stories. 
The imagination at times could be “The Secret” needed to be known in order
to attain the ability to create what some call the impossible! 
The next time you find yourself in a state of awe on how to accomplish a specific task,
just set into motion your imagination and lo! 
You will acquire a solution! 
Accept the power of the imagination and use it daily for you will see strength develop with ease over time.
"Imagination" Better Believers Blog

Ways to increase the Imagination:
        Think of a multiple ways to accomplish tasks
        Take a moment to watch the clouds and see what shapes you can see
        Doodle and let the drawings come alive
        Write and let the words flow freely
        Visit an art gallery
        Take a drive in the country or city
        Watch an inspiring movie
        Play games that are creative based
        Build a fort with your children
        Read an inspiring book
        Paint rocks

There are plenty more ways and share yours in the comments below this post.

Understanding that your “Imagination” is a powerful tool that only you can control is a feat of it’s own…
Listen to audio now and get some great stories from “The Law of Success” by Napoleon Hill


Your Imagination is the Mirror of the Soul ~Napoleon Hill"Imagination" Better Believers Blog


Make it a great day and remember to share this message with other!


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