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here's to the pastHere’s To The Past-Better Believers Blog

Yes, it’s time to “burn the past” and move forward into this gift of the present that creates a brighter tomorrow!

here's to the pastLiving in the past will just create a rut that will keep you stuck in the darkness of yester years and frustrated tears!
How does that serve any purpose?
Really be honest…really it’s just a request for “dis-ease”!
Just take a moment to write down and
if it takes a few days or weeks,
be gentle with yourself knowing that this activity
is on your own time frame.
Keeping in mind that you can do this several times,
writing and releasing
and take a moment to “burn away the past”,
leaving it where it belongs…behind you!


here's to the pastTaking time to truly be one with your own thoughts, is a worthy investment of time!
Understanding that you are the one that is in control of your thoughts is hard for some people at first.  Decide and move forward into your greatness by claiming positive thoughts, affirming by standing up now in this moment…shout out
“Yes, I can control my thoughts”
Be in control of your thoughts by first learning to be quiet in the moment and clearing your mind of all thoughts….
one could call it meditating.

                 Here is the Wikipedia definition of meditation:

           Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind or
induces a mode of consciousness,
either to realize some benefit[1] or as an end in itself.[2]

here's to the past

Over the years using this term Mind Gardening has grown in my mind as a real visceral way of approaching this skill set of controlling my thoughts,
here check out this for further resources and support in your
Mind Gardening.

Every one of our thoughts is like planting a seed within the fertile minds we possess,
taking time to pay attention to what we are planting is such a noteworthy activity!

Ask yourself now, what are you planting?

What are you wanting to grow?

How can you adjust your mindset?

Here are some quick tips to get you on track and seeing improved results!

Recently I took on a challenge with hundreds of others,
you can join us and reap the benefits within your own life and business.

Daily investing 30 minutes of reading good books,
30 minutes listening to great audios and
30 minutes on our self confidence formula….
sound like too much?
At first it may seem like that and then after 21 days the habit will form, where you feel weird not doing it!
By taking on this challenge you will transform your future with brighter experiences, making the past even more distant!

Being able to commit to yourself to living for the present, will be the top of the list of gifts to yourself and for those around you !
Just use the past as a learning opportunity, this create a new prospective and give you the courage to say,
“here’s to the past” with ease and clarity.

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“Here’s to your Future and Here’s to the Past!”


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