How Do You Show Love? ~5 Love Languages [Review]

How Do You Show Love?

Take a moment and think about it…
Do you speak it? Are you a hugger and enjoy cuddles?
Is it acts of service and giving of your time?
Do you shower others with gifts?
Or is it through the act of intimacy?

Years ago I read a book about love languages….It was called
“The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. 
Truly opened my eyes to how I show my love, for me it’s my time and verbally.
Through reading this book I was able to understand more about myself and
grew my awareness about how important it was to know this part of me.

Thinking back I have thought a lot about how married couples last longer when
both parties understand how or which love language the other uses. 
I have discovered that many times with the pressures of life and children there can be
a fall out of communication and bond getting put on the back burner. 
It takes an investment from both to learn the others love language.

Face it takes two to make a successful relationship work either in marriage, in business
or virtually any relationship takes effort. Putting forth the energy to understand yourself first and
how you feel love also how you express love.  Just like learning, love has it’s individual formula.
Take time to figure out yours and your partners….could just be what you require to take your
relationship and understanding to the next level!

 Gary Chapman “The 5 Love Languages” a must read!

Read it a couple times as with each time you will grow your understanding and
knowledge of how each of these “5 love languages work.”

Life is lived with much ease and passion when you understand not just your
love language but the people within your relationships too. 

Thank you reading, subscribing and commenting on my blog post!
This has been my “Review of The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman”

May Love Your Grow Stronger!



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