Thoughts On Your Face


Thoughts On Your Face

What do I mean by that?

Keep reading, as I will explain but first watch this video


Through the Ether your thoughts are upon your face,
I share this with you because I feel compelled to create the awareness of the how powerful our thoughts are!

Judgements just like thoughts radiate energy, this energy flows from the mind out to the ether and are readily available to pick up by others that are open to receiving.  One could say they are similar to radio waves and frequencies.

Taking the moments to track our thoughts will help to improve our daily experience and allow us the space to create more desirable outcomes!

We are that powerful that we can think ourselves into better situations and experiences in life!  Back these thoughts that are aligned with actions that are congruent and it’s like clockwork magic!

Your level of belief does come into play for what you are desiring to accomplish!

Here check out this article where I deepen the explanation of the Ether with an audio for you!

Appreciate you being here as a thank you I want to share something exciting with you!  Click this link and watch these videos from my friend Vick S, gosh imagine these kinds of results being apart of your results!
Video 1
Video 2

Vick S traffic picture

Remember that  you are wearing ” Thoughts On Your Face”
keep them in check throughout the day!

Appreciate your follow, shares and likes!

Make it a great day!

Better Believers


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