Self Design -Review Part 2-

Self Design -Review Part 2-

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When I started my journey in homeschooling I basically was doing public school work at home,
feeling challenged with what I was being told that my children should be learning!
Being told constantly that what I wanted to count as “learning” was just considered family moments and
traditions, not “qualified” learning.
Also that they were “behind” according to the standards of what the ministry guidelines set out.

This what has inspired me to start creating this review series!
To help others see the benefits of life learning and how Self Design can be a solution!

Self Design has given me a platform to turn over a new leaf of understanding
and the support of my own understanding of what learning is to our family.

Here are some quick insights of what I wanted to “count” as valid learning that my previous system I was registered with discounted.

  • Fall Fair ( my children use this as a final and display they projects from the past year, giving them a chance to win prizes and money)  I use this for several reasons gives them a deadline to work with and an opportunity to engage in a community event that has been going for 93 years.  They use their imagination and apply themselves to working towards accomplishing a goal.
  • Growing a garden
  • Baking and cooking
  • field trips to community resources
  • map reading during trips
  • movie and book comparisons
  • reading chapter books outside of the given curriculum or past “their level” of reading capacity

This is just one part that I was told held no track-able “learning” and was applicable to their school work for the year.

I laughed after getting off the phone with their teacher and I will tell you why!

Creating a scope of workable plans to complete their projects in itself is time management, goal setting, communication, project planning and collecting of items to fulfill such items. 

 Here is a list of subjects that gets covered from their participation



  • various forms especially with the count down and tracking the amount of time left until their deadline
  • Baking measuring out ingredients accurately Image
  • Timing again for baking such items and counting out the correct amounts for each category
  • sorting out collections
  • knitting, sewing and crocheting
  • following plans when constructing sets and inventions
  • counting their winnings
  • searching out the categories where they can find top prizes amounts
  • watering amounts and dirt, compost
  • growing garden items, having to start seeds in time
  • set money goal amount and figure out how many entries to create


  • experiments
  • nature art
  • baking ( chemical reactions and state transformations )
  • mixing of colors for paintings, art type entries
  • using different textiles and glues, finding which ones work best
  • composting health for best garden growth


  • reading instructions
  • finding the correct label for each entry
  • reading the program from the fair and seeing which categories they can enter or have an interest to compete in
  • Understanding about doing their best and learning that sometimes even your best can be improved
  • finding the materials required for their entries, shop clerks, librarian, specialists in specific areas of their project
  • reading books for ideas
  • finding ideas from the internet
  • researching recipes and entries to reflect the theme of the Fall Fair
  • conveying their ideas
  • having conversations and explaining what they want to create
  • When entering their items, there’s conversations that take place
    sharing info from both parties exchanging details and once the judging is done.
    In order to collect their prize money they will have to find the section head.
  • writing poetry, stories and entry tags


Now with the support of Self Design Platform our family can count this as valid learning!

I am relieved to “count” this all as learning because it is learning!

It’s teaching my children to set goals, understand the power of working with deadlines,
increasing imagination and creativity.
All of these are true life skills that can be applied in any form of work and future projects that will last a lifetime!

I am excited to share this video with you,
comment, share and like so that others will benefit from the value too!

Appreciate you reading my blog, sharing and commenting…spread the love!

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Make it a great day!



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