This experience has transformed my life in ways that are still unfolding!

Huge confessions are apart of this blog post today!

Wanted to get some juicy details about me?

Keep reading and enter a time warp back to Spring of 2002….

After just 8 weeks of dating…the conversation goes like this.
He says a joke, I laugh and reply “hahaha that was funny,
you know what’s funnier? I’m pregnant!”
This is how he feels now! 
Notice the “golden winner” medal upon his neck, yes he’s feeling like a winner!

Now my sense of humour is a bit off for some people and I knew I had to make light of the situation because I really thought that this guy was different.  All day since I found out  I had no way of knowing the “right” way of breaking the news update of my so called “condition”.  I was scared of becoming one of those statistics of single mother and raising a child on my own.  I trusted my instincts and blurted out my news when I thought was good timing!

This was the reply, “OH Man!”  Yikes…now WHAT?!  My mind spinning and tears flowing, hours later of chatting!

We came to the only natural solution, we were going to become parents and do our best. 
We agreed that we would at times have to choose to agree to disagree and remain open minded. 
We both had “step” children in our past relationships and decided that this unborn child deserved our best efforts! 
That no matter what we would find a way to give this child a happy life and parents, TOGETHER! 
Yes, we should have been married first before performing actions of a married couple….indeed,
yet this was for us to take responsibility for the life that was on the way. 
We looked at this as an opportunity to stand out and be a success story! 
To inspire others to see that the child’s life comes first and us second, with that we took a vow to do just that and live it! 

Speeding forward to the present…we are happily married with three sons!
( it’s time for updated family photo!)

Motherhood caught me with my pants down to say the least and still to this day! 
Motherhood has taught me how to laugh off those awkward moments and see all that I can learn.

The reason I share this is to give you faith that you can do it as long as
you put your heart, mind and soul into doing your very best! 

It’s not easy and that’s because you have to grow with the flow of motherhood! 

Laugh often, hug twice as often and always always see the best in all situations because
the only thing that can go wrong is your attitude!

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