Bad Words?

Bad Words?

Bads Words can break you down and stiffle your growth, creating a negative impact on your personal development.



Watch this video below and find which two words you can remove from your vocabulary today!


” Bad Words ”  can be replaced, just use your imagination by replacing the words that leave you feeling empowered and lifted up. 
This will create an attitude that will accomplish anything you set your mind to!

Here are some quick suggestions to use instead of “try” or “should” you can meld these examples to suit your situation and needs.

  • I will give my best attempt or effort
  • do
  • I will
  • I choose to
  • I can
  • how can I ?
  • I have the power to
  • I Am

Glad that you took to time to read this post

Here’s an audio that supports this concept of eliminating “BAD WORDS” from your vocabulary!

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