Self Design -Review Part 1-

Self Design -Review Part 1-

There is just so much to share about Self Design that I decided to break it up into sections,
here’s Review Part 1-

Since this is the first, I will share this quick video I just watched! 

When I first chose to home school I had no idea that Self Design existed,
gosh am I ever grateful that it crossed my path. 

Parenting is one of the best ways to grow yourself, always giving parents an opportunity to see what they don’t know! 

This program that my children are enrolled in called Self Design has offer me an opportunity to understand first hand the importance of life learning.  Allowing the student to follow their innate nature and curiosity. 

Applying my past experience of a workbook style sit down type of “school work”

Sure life is full of things we have no interest and see value in, yet the more that I learn along side of my children… I am disbanning this belief! 
Life is full of amazing opportunities and experience when your mind is tuned to such a “channel”

Self Design has given my family an increased vision of what learning can be and what possibilities are available in ways of support.

Here is the official website for Self Design for those that are wanting to connect with this program.

Glad that you took to time to read this post

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