The Power Of Desire

Have you ever heard of such a story of inspiration?

Come across a child born without ears and still could hear?

Check out this audio from the
Better Believers Mastermind Audio Collection….

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Through studying the successful and thriving people in life
there is something I have learned to be consistent! 
The feeding of the mind, using audios to improve the
mindset and increase The Power of Desire!

Special note to all, especially parents, take this
story and apply it to your parenting habits. 
Taking special care in the words you choose
when speaking your child or about your child.

I leave you with something to ponder and think about…
What is that you desire and will
you take action, making that desire come to
life for you to experience?

Life is too Short to live without Better Believers and
The Power of Desire!

To Your  & Success Increased Desire!

Your Friend,

Rochelle McFarlane
Ready to Crush It in 2014
and Increase Your Desire & Belief?


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