Co-Sleeping Moments

Co-Sleeping Moments

First off, what is co-sleeping?

Co-Sleeping is a technique that my ancestors would have practiced during the  times of being nomads, they slept along the side of their children.
I am the first to say that it doesn’t work for everyone and it’s not for everyone.  I am just wanting to share with those that are questioning and looking for the benefits that I have to share in this blog post.  I will say now, I will have more stories to share as I want to keep this short and to the point.

This has been a topic I have wanted to write about for sometime now… I have just been too caught up in what society thinks, until now.

Yesterday I came across, a “sleep trainer” for babies, no offense and I appreciate they enjoy what they do.  I have quite a different outlook on how babies can be treated.

I am only sharing my personal experience, after hearing my baby cry it out for 10 minutes…I said to my husband,
“this just feels wrong” 
I could feel the rush of tears in my eyes, the thump of my heart and the “let down” of milk in my breasts…
Taking all the signs in from my body,
tugging at me as this was a wrong situation for me.
I scooped up my baby and cuddled him,
within seconds he was asleep in my arms.
I was relieved and I could tell from his relaxed body, he was too.

The book I was reading at the time told me to “train” my baby to sleep independently as this was a checking off of the boxes of a “good baby” and showing your offspring what was expected of them.  I thought that was what I was supposed to do, it’s not like my baby came with an instruction manual after birth!

Gosh there were moments where I did want there to be such an item, something that was fail proof, to teach me what I was supposed to!

Now 11 years later, I understand much better, do what works for you and forget what everyone else says, does or thinks of your decisions!

The only way to raise confident children
is to be confident yourself!

Back to my co-sleeping habit and why I continue…
I have seen the relationship between my three sons, develop in such a manner that if there were sleeping in their own beds wouldn’t exist.
They have this deep connection with each other and at times, seems as though they read each others minds.  They  have their moments as brothers do, yet there is an understanding between them, an unspoken vow of unconditional love and caring.
My now 11 year old, takes time to care for his younger brothers and even takes time to cuddle his 2 year old brother.
It’s precious to see how much tenderness is shown and the nurturing that takes place.  He will take time to choose books and read with them, snuggling in the covers, all three of them pouring over a book together.

This bond I speak of spreads to myself, this closeness creates a uniqueness and highly cherished relationship.  Not to mention the memories I have of waking up to hear them mumble words and giggle out loud while in  their deep slumber.  Or the times where they have stirred in the wee hours, I am there within reach to have them feel calm and return back to sleep, thus everyone getting more rest.

Over the years I have gained numerous facts that co-sleeping brings as a by product!  The biggest take away is the increased immunity from the needs of the child being met,  With the increased immunity, understanding about skin to skin contact helping a baby have an increase immune system, it would only make sense that this would continue.  I think that with co sleeping a lot of the fear is removed or non existent, because of this extra boosting in confidence I think that this adds to the increased immune benefits.  Allowing the body to be in a state of joy allows for the body to grow and heal with more ease.

Every time a mother exhales, it triggers her baby to inhale fresh oxygen,  thus decreasing the chances of SIDS.

When our heart come within close quarters, the heart beat starts to sink into a rhythm that creates the momentum of continuous beating for baby.  I noticed that my babies would all sleep more restful when I was calm.  I have recently gained more insight on the importance of this shared energy.

I have also noticed the capacity of listening and respect my children have for me and others, they have increased awareness of what respect means.

Morning and night, we have moments of extra cuddles upon waking and slumbering.  My sons favorite parts of this is all of us falling asleep after enjoying quality reading time.  With my oldest son, I find that there are moments after his brothers have fallen asleep where we share about our thoughts, events of the day and aspirations for the future.  I love these moments we have together.

Another benefit, I whisper affirmations most nights and communicate within their subconscious minds…this is a habit I have had since being pregnant with all of them.  Speaking into the depths of their beings, sharing thoughts of happiness, pure health and healing abilities of their innate nature.

Things to keep in mind from my experience for a successful co-sleeping relationship:

  • keep bed low to the ground
  • stay sober
  • take naps to maintain your level of rest up ( the housework, dishes, laundry will still be there when you wake up, your baby will grow faster than you can imagine )
  • give baby space to move about
  • enjoy the experience, be happy to share your bed with your baby/children
  • feel confident about this choice, knowing it’s your decision
  • have a bigger sized bed
  • have blankets for baby and for yourself, this just makes staying comfortable throughout the night easier.


Co-sleeping has decreased the stress around bed time at our house and has created wonderful moments that will last lifetimes. 

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