10th Annual Schmockey Tournament

10th Annual Schmockey Tournament

ImagePeachland Fire Brigade is pleased the announce the 10th Annual Schmockey Tournament will be taking place at Noon Sunday February 23, 2014 in
Cousins Park, Peachland, BC Canada

Come one, Come all and join in this wonderful free family event.

Even though there is a trophy up for grabs,
“Schmockey” is just for fun.
It provides all ages and families an opportunity to enjoy
the fresh air and free recreation.

How to Play to Schmockey?

Put together a team of 6 or more, Peachland municipality offers the floor hockey sticks and needed equipment for the participants to use during the event.  ( Players are welcome to bring their own hockey stick to use )  Players will score on a hockey net with a huge rubber ball using their stick.  There are two halves of 5 minutes and substitutions can happen as needed.

Since this is just for fun there aren’t many rules to follow except just have FUN!  Teams can be mixed ages and genders, just depends on how you want to construct your team.

Why did Schmockey Start?

While Vancouver was getting ready to host the 2010 Olympics, communities were given the opportunity to participate in festivities in counting down to the Olympics.   In order to qualify to be an official Spirit of BC Community Committee and receive the benefit of being on the Olympic torch map, there were prerequisites including outdoor recreation.  The Peachland Chamber of Commerce saw this as a great opportunity for the residents of Peachland to create great memories of this occasion.
They started a Schmockey Tournament to fulfill the the  outdoor recreation component.

The event was taken over by the Peachland Fire Brigade in 2011 to continue offering families a free recreational fun outside in the month of February.  They added the elements each year of a silent auction, face painting and a cake walk to fund raise for different causes each year.

2012 approximately $1200 was raised to support the Dan Botkins Memorial Scholarship
2013 approximately $1000 was raised, to help create a home for historic hose wheel cart from the centennial celebration of 2009

This year all proceeds will  benefit The Peachland Food Bank with a goal in mind of $2000, so come out on bid on the beautiful items collected by the dedicated brigade members and donated by great supportive businesses.

Being that it’s the 10th Annual Schmockey Tournament,
The Good Guys will offer music to celebrate a decade of outdoor family recreation and add to the event.

Come out to play, Come out to cheer and stay warm by the fire.  Enjoy hot dogs and refreshments available by donation from The Peachland Rotary Club.

Please contact George or Rochelle McFarlane 250-767-2723 or grzzz@me.com to register your team to play, donate to the silent auction, a cake for the cake walk, Peachland Food Bank or volunteer with the event.

See you all at Noon in Cousins Park Sunday February 23, 2014 for the 10th Annual Schmockey Tournament.


2 thoughts on “10th Annual Schmockey Tournament”

  1. Thank you Lisa for your support!
    This event is going to be amazing!!!
    More prizes came in books from Mosiac Books, a signed jersey from the West Kelowna Warriors, a boombox and tickets to the “YES” concert from 103.1 The Q radio station! They will have a Q Crew show up to do more give aways during the event!


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